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Use this with Pithing needle and man lands. Or with critters with regenerate.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (5/3/2010 4:43:46 PM)


You can play it alongside creatures with regeneration.
Posted By: holgir (8/14/2009 8:41:44 AM)


@majinara, re:mindslaver
This is why you prevent them from doing that, with Abeyance, Trickbind, or Sen Triplets. Not exactly easy to pull off, but hilarious in a casual game when you do.
Posted By: Winterbane (6/28/2010 6:59:10 AM)


try giving this indestrutibility, then you have a win/win situation
Posted By: Buderus (9/10/2012 5:40:36 AM)


As long as you're prepared for this, this can be a great game lockdown for relatively cheap. Especially good in a deck that has no creatures, or with all regenerators as stated above.
Posted By: Zulp (10/18/2009 6:04:22 PM)


To the guy mentionined this and mindslaver:
Most players will kill the lethal vapors in response to you activating mindslaver. Because if you control their turn while vapors is in play, you can just activate the vapors any number of times thus instantly winning the game.
Posted By: majinara (12/4/2009 2:31:31 PM)


use it with Dark Depths to give you extra time to get those ice counters off. plus Marit Lage wont be destroyed by it because she is indestructable.
Posted By: Misfit_138 (5/18/2009 11:49:41 AM)


I really like this card; as long as I have the advantage in the battlefield I can cast this enchantment and stabalize the game or benefit from an extra turn.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/25/2009 8:31:53 PM)


Ok someone please answer me this: If i have a Juniper Order Ranger on the battlefield, then I play Lethal Vapors, then i play a creature with persist, such as Kitchen Finks, what happens to the creature with persist?

I know that when Juniper Order Ranger is in play, and a persist card goes into the graveyard, then back on the battlefield, the +1/+1 counter from JOR negates the -1/-1 counter from persist, so Kitchen Finks enters from the graveyard without any counters at all, and I gain 2 life.

If it enters with no -1/-1 counter on it, then dies again, does it turn into a never-ending cycle of life gaining?
Posted By: GouldenDraak (2/17/2010 10:03:48 AM)


This card is great in combination with manlands, and with Mindslaver - during your opponents turn play all creatures out of his hand (which get destroyed automatically) and then use Lethal Vapors' ability to give you 2 turns in succession. Then play Temporal Extortion to add even more insult to injury. Fun!
Posted By: Lege (11/7/2009 10:37:44 AM)