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Soon, with the appearance of the colorless Eldrazi, she won't have (seemingly) protection from everything like Progenitus.
Posted By: nammertime (3/6/2010 11:44:19 PM)


You can use Spectral Gateguards to give her vigilance. Soulbonding doesn't target.

Also, does she have blinkmoth wings?
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (5/21/2012 11:56:09 AM)


any enchantments or artifacts used to give her vigilance while shes tapped will fall of.
Posted By: rinoh20 (2/27/2011 11:44:13 PM)


You are contradicting yourself sir. Serra's Blessing does grant vigilance. There's a card for you. And it's colored. And it doesn't target.
Shroud means it can't be targeted. Protection in general means it can't be targeted by a certain color. In a sense it has shroud. Something still can affect it like my favorite, Wrath of God. Gotta love board wipe :) And as for your last sentence sir, if it has vigilance or gains vigilance then you shouldn't have to untap it. Granted though now thinking about it, there might be cards that make you put it into play tapped, but for me I don't see many of those cards. Can't think of one that I know of ever seeing.
I don't comment on here much, but I have fond memories of old when I had this in my angel deck. It's one of my babies. Granted I don't have it in there now but that's do to these new overpowered angels. And the fact that all my friends counter it easily now.
Posted By: Whitedeckftw (1/8/2013 11:26:35 PM)


She doesn't have protection from lands. Just play a bunch of Deserts
Posted By: CogMonocle (5/31/2014 7:59:41 AM)


I see a bunch of tards making comments that they would equip their Pristine angel with this or that or use this spell or that spell on her. When it says she has protection from all colors and artifacts it means your own too brain child.
Posted By: glennrmstrng (1/23/2011 1:22:18 PM)


Pristine Angel is excellent, probably my favorite creature of all time. Although there are those who prefer to just give it vigilance (Serra's Blessing is what I use), I find it much better in a U/W Control deck. That deck is very successful in multiplayer due to the high number of instants it plays, plus Split Second spells to make sure that Pristine Angel lives past anything short of a board sweeper (and sometimes I play Rescue to save her from sweepers, too!)
Posted By: arkavar (8/7/2009 2:30:11 PM)


Old skool favorite that definetly needs a reprint...
Posted By: Mprime818 (9/10/2009 11:45:32 PM)


If I was an angel and heard the language that was used by you, the humble users, I would be ashamed of myself and promptly jump off of a bridge, except that then I would merely fly to someone's house for tea and crumpets

Yours truly,
Sir Jackson Beck Esq. Knight of the Realms in My Head

P.S. If I were an angel I would call myself a filthy bore for having such inappropriate clothing.
Posted By: IHATEYOURARTWOrK (10/31/2009 8:43:06 AM)


aside from cards like Ghostfire, her protection is almost like that from Progenitus - just with a less awesome wording. ;)
Posted By: Mode (2/7/2009 4:53:10 AM)