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as a player of white soldier decks, this card makes me cry. though it makes me both relieved and sad that I will probably never play against it
Posted By: Leonin_Kha_Cameron (11/22/2010 3:12:47 PM)


problem with this, aside from the cost, is that some of the best equipment offer some sort of protection, such as lightning greaves, whispersilk cloak or sword of light and shadow. While it is true most of the protection isnt from white, it still makes this cards much more useless.
Posted By: jsttu (4/23/2011 8:12:59 PM)


It's about 3 mana to remove a creature form the game at instant speed (see Unmake). To remove 1 piece of equipment from it aswell from the game, that should be an additional 3 mana the more equipment on said creature makes the value of this thing go way up. This is sort of a situational card, but if gives INSANE card advantage for those jerks that like to make random 1/1's into 30/30's with jsut about every ability you can think of.

Solid 3.5/5
Posted By: Boakes2047 (4/23/2011 1:42:18 PM)


You're outta there! And the horse you rode in on.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (2/16/2010 3:27:29 PM)


The bonus of removing the equipment is too situational to be better than Second Thoughts and that one is no bomb either... but playable (talking casual here).
Posted By: holgir (8/3/2009 8:27:07 AM)


Being as the only fair comparisons to this card are Turn to Slag and Strip Bare, this card looks fairly solid.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (2/7/2012 11:03:41 PM)


Yes, lots of equipment has defensive traits like shroud, but you can burn a disenchant on the protective piece, then use this, and you'll still come out ahead against those armored wonders.

The bigger problem is the mana cost. Lots of bad things with equipment can happen before you hit five mana.
Posted By: ThatStunna (1/10/2013 1:02:02 PM)



This card is simply overcasted, and there is no justifying it's cost. It is to be used for limited at the time, and that's it.

Removal in white shortly after the time this card was printed was just W, and several other white removal spells, even if a little conditional, were 1W, WW, etc. These are all instant speed.

Removing the equipment from the game is often not very relevant either, but even it was, it would cost 1-2 mana for this ability, as many cards in red, white or green can deal with artifacts at instant speed for this mana cost. Even white can exile both an enchantment and an artifact for just 2 mana.

And just how many equipments do we see on a single creature anyway too?

Overall, this spell needed to cost at least one less, but even then, I would never play it anyway.
Posted By: RiftenBlack (7/13/2013 8:10:15 PM)


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