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Probably broken in Vintage, considering every deck has 5 moxes, lotus, petal, sol ring, top, and any of the opal, diamond, chrome moxes as well. I put 4 in a Vintage deck and I've never even had to worry about the penalty. Something artifact has always come out first turn.
Posted By: Technetium (5/17/2013 7:20:33 AM)


Beautiful Art.
Beautiful Abillity.
But the best thing about it is... I bet the Glimmervoid is pretty damn slippery. Any creature + New socks = Haste.

Posted By: ClockworkInquisitor (1/5/2012 4:02:10 PM)


The best part is how you can play it turn one, and use it's mana to play a one-cost artifact before the end of your turn.

Yeah, this card is pretty much ridiculous.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (11/22/2010 6:58:14 PM)


In Mirrodin block, this was just about a five-colour land with no drawback. It should still be easy enough to build competitive Extended decks in which keeping an artifact out is fairly trivial. An outstanding land.

(Did the previous commentator misread the card, though? It requires keeping an *artifact* in play, not a creature.)
Posted By: jeff-heikkinen (8/7/2009 1:00:51 AM)


I recently got a foil version of this card. IT'S SO F*CKING BEAUTIFUL!
Awesome card with awesome artwork
Posted By: VarteDod (5/8/2011 6:37:06 AM)


Simply a broken paradise land for artifact colored decks.
Posted By: BelloAbril (11/1/2009 4:01:05 PM)


This card is amazing! Darksteel Relic seems nice here.
Posted By: BonniePrinceCharlie (5/6/2011 11:49:23 PM)


He apparently mixed that one up with Thran Foundry, which acts in the same way with creatures instead of artifacts.
I love that card and agree with jeff. Unless your opponent comes up with something like Shatterstorm, you won't have to worry about Glimmervoid. Along with artifact lands or 0-mana artifacts (to be able to bring it out on turn one), playing this card effectively shouldn't be a problem at all.
It could find new use with the (muti)colored artifacts from esper as well.
Posted By: Mode (8/9/2009 11:10:16 AM)


This art is so F*&^% wicked....
Posted By: Arthindole (9/4/2010 6:16:05 PM)


umm.... mode, i think you have the rong card, you are talking about Thran Quarry, not foundry
Posted By: bijart_dauth (4/9/2010 5:13:45 PM)


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