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Thanks to M10 rulings and removal of mana burn, we have a 3/3 body for three mana which does not require any single color and on top of that has a further eventually profitable ability.
Since this card lost its drawback we likely won't see this reprinted.
Red, black and blue will instead still get various single-colored three drops with a lower P/T and/or a drawback.
Of course it's not a bomb in constructed, but this makes a solid drafting choice.

Edit: Evil_Tactics, zk3 is aware of that. He talked about "an excellent ability that allows you to "float" mana".
Posted By: Mode (12/31/2009 3:13:53 AM)


Turn One: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Cathodion
Turn Two: Mountain, Culling the Weak, Phage the Untouchable, Reckless Charge or Mass Hysteria or Burst of Speed.

Way more reasonable way to boost Phage out than with three Rituals, and a lot funnier.
Posted By: Exuberance (6/21/2010 5:19:58 PM)


I only got this once:

Turn 1: Swamp, Sol Ring, Lightning Greaves.
Turn 2: Swamp, Cathodion, Culling the Weak, Phage, the Untouchable. Equip and attack for the game.

My opponent laughed at the ridiculous win (if I would win it was usually much later after a few Hymn to Tourachs) and went into his binder and took out a Cathodion to give to me as I was missing one for the deck.
Posted By: BuffJittePLZ (3/10/2011 7:54:52 AM)


This is Myr Moonvessel big brother. There is a better version (4 4/4 4) called su-chi.

Combine any of the three with Soul Foundry and basalt monolith to 'capture' the floating mana and you will be playing a free blocker or even attacker each turn.

You can add altar of dementia to sacrifice them, wich combined with Dross Scorpion leads to automatic win loop. Grinding Station and Blasting Station are options too.
Posted By: BelloAbril (10/31/2009 10:28:09 PM)


It's got a 6-day Mana-Back guarantee, ACT NOW!
Posted By: Forgeling (8/23/2009 10:15:45 PM)


I attack. They let it through, just in case. I play Arcbound Ravager, sac Cathodion, use the 3 for play/equip Cranial Plating...Or they block it, and I play Gifts Ungiven with some untapped lands left over.

Very nice ability, and on a colorless 3/3 for 3? Thank you, Mirrodin, for the memories.
Posted By: rubber (10/3/2009 9:07:47 PM)


this is now a 5/5 card
with no mana burn will never see this card reprinted...
Posted By: OutlawD1 (9/6/2009 8:08:30 AM)


now it's better then used to be
Posted By: BryanFR (9/20/2009 12:42:24 PM)


zk3 that won't work unfortunately. If the Cathodion dies during the attack phase, and then you move on to the second main phase, the 3 colorless will vanish from the mana pool. Mana pools now empty at the end of every sub-phase even.
Posted By: Evil_Tactics (9/14/2009 6:45:35 PM)


Holy crap, 44/44!!!! JK I know.
Posted By: CatsAreCthala (2/4/2010 8:03:46 PM)