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Why debate which is better between two solid cards?
Both are certainly better than Rod of Ruin, nuff said.
Play both, and for a total of 12 mana spent, you get 26 damage to whatever roaming around in you deck.
Fits nicely in just about any burn style I can think of.
Posted By: BastianQoU (5/31/2011 12:17:49 AM)


Realllly wish they would reprint this. When I first got into magic this was one of the first cards I ever got. So much fun. Simple yet effective.
Posted By: Kryplixx (10/26/2009 8:37:56 AM)


Flame Burst and Kindle:

In terms of raw damage, Lightning Bolt is far more efficient mana wise. In terms of card advantage though, Kindle shines better late game. In late game when bigger creatures come out, Lightning Bolt by itself may not be able to kill as well. Any creature with more than 3 toughness cannot be one-shot by Lightning Bolt later on, whereas Kindle can kill 4~5 toughness creatures at 1-1 exchange. In late game Kindle also hurts more when targeting your opponent. I think Lightning Bolt still wins out overall but Kindle is certainly a solid card.
Posted By: Cyberium (8/3/2010 5:20:46 PM)


Hypothetically, massive damage potential...that is if your opponents are all running four of them and they are in their graveyards respectively. As pointed out by thedarkheathen, just run Lightning Bolt and if you REALLY need filler in your burn deck, there are better cards out there.
Posted By: tcollins (1/5/2011 12:04:31 AM)


Kindle is amazing in team-based multiplayer. :D
Posted By: SolaceVerisi (3/7/2011 1:28:34 PM)


Context is everything. Remember that Tempest saw the introduction of Shock as a 'fair' Lightning Bolt. This was also the era of Incinerate as the 3 damage spell of choice.
Posted By: Equinox523 (5/13/2011 11:20:54 AM)


Back when this was released, I only played casual, so I actually really enjoyed this card in my CounterBurn deck. As Equinox523 pointed out, this was released in Tempest so it wasn't all that bad compared to Shock. But also, Tempest was the set that contained Intuition, which worked quite well with Kindle.
Posted By: rippeddl (10/23/2011 7:46:17 PM)


the number chart guy got it wrong.
its 2 + X, X= Kindles in grave.

1= you have dealt 2 (2+0 in grave) damage.
2= total 2+3 (2+1 in grave)= 5 damage
3= total 2+3+4 (2+2 in grave)= 9 damage
play all 4, with no tricks, and its 2+3+4+5= 14 damage

4 Bolts = 12 damage. 4 Kindles = 14.

he was only off by one, but in RDW, 1 is a big difference.

all the tricks that work on Bolt work on Kindle,
and many more work on Kindle that dont work on Bolt.

it is not raw efficiency incarnate, so I would not take it to a tournament.

for a casual group though, who probably give Lightning Bolt more fear/hate than it deserves, they would be a good target to surprise with something different like Kindle.
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/18/2011 10:29:08 PM)


Sue Amazon.com for copyright infringement!
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (2/27/2010 9:19:24 AM)


1 Lightning Bolt = 3 Damage, 1 mana
2 Lightning Bolt = 6 damage, 2 mana
3 Lightning Bolt = 9 damage, 3 mana
4 Lightning Bolt = 12 damage, 4 mana.
1 Kindle = 2 damage, 2 mana
2 Kindle = 5 damage, 4 mana
3 Kindle = 9 damage, 6 mana
4 Kindle = 13 damage, 8 mana

So you're going to have to play AT LEAST 3 of these to get the same damage efficiency as Lightning Bolt, and all four to make it better, with the first one being less damaging than a lightning bolt and the third being more, all the while costing more than the bolts. MAYBE with some card-copying effects this could be made more playable, but I doubt it. Probably alright in it's time.
Posted By: thedarkheathen (6/20/2010 10:22:06 AM)


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