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glissa is awesome, she works nicely in a modular deck, tap the mana, kill the modular creature, skeleton shard back the creature, recast it with the mana you had tapped in the first place
Posted By: Guest1130466760 (2/11/2010 6:35:59 PM)


Soon to be corrupted in Mirrodin Besieged's Glissa the Traitor. Get this: that version brings artifacts BACK instead of destroying them. The blasphemy.
Posted By: JWolps (12/24/2010 2:08:13 PM)


First strike with power 3 is not so easy to deal with. I like her as a one-off in an elf deck.
And with mana burn gone she improved significantly, now you can keep her ready to block and destroy opposing artifacts at the end of the opponents turn without worrying about damaging yourself.
Posted By: holgir (8/6/2009 4:29:45 AM)


I would say this is pretty good in EDH. EDH is mostly blue and artifacts. Or you add Liquidmetal coating to turn things into artifacts. I give it 4/5.
Posted By: alblast (12/9/2010 8:53:02 AM)


Ashnod's Transmogrant and Thran Forge
Posted By: madformedusa (12/6/2009 4:09:03 AM)


Actually, she's returning in Mirrodin Besieged.
'Cept she's Phyrexian-aligned now.
Oh, did I mention she's FRIGGIN' INSANE?
Both versions.
Posted By: infernox10 (12/25/2010 12:38:10 AM)


Omnath + Liquimetal Coating
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (12/8/2010 7:47:19 PM)


To everyone saying she should come back as a planeswalker. This is not possible, in the novels she gave up her spark at the end up fifth dawn to bring slobab back to life. And Karn is no longer a planeswalker either he gave up his spark to fix the tolarian time rift in futuresight
Posted By: ThatGuyYouHate (2/24/2011 10:35:33 AM)


Diachronos, I was going to say the same thing, wizards should printer her.
Posted By: Teotanek (10/15/2010 8:34:39 PM)


Glissa Sunseeker; the destroyer of Memnarch, the restorer of the Mirari, and Planeswalker. Please Wizards, make it so.
P.S. Add Karn too.
Posted By: Rancor98 (10/25/2010 8:18:38 PM)


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