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Field of Souls+Doubling Season+March of Souls=token trolling
Posted By: PlanesMoyza (1/25/2011 8:36:19 PM)


Where's a Doubling Season when you need one?
Posted By: AmericanVigor (12/1/2010 10:42:54 AM)


Heh heh heh, Intangible Virtue, anyone?
Posted By: LordWalter (1/1/2012 2:34:58 PM)


@Mhirnatsu, it is what the errata or Oracle state. Which is a Spirit creature token. Whenever there is a discrepancy between what is on the card and what is in the Oracle, the Oracle always wins.
Posted By: Speednat (4/17/2012 2:57:07 PM)


Doubling Season is already a green card so make a GW deck with it, this, Wrath of God, Armageddon, Birds of Paradise, mana elves and land fetchers.

Ramp mana to 8 and play the Doubling Season on the previous turn. Then Wrath & Armageddon and attack with your flying spirits.
Posted By: tavaritz (7/30/2011 1:27:18 AM)


So glad they finally made this a Spirit card. Run with Reborn Hero.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/7/2009 6:52:43 AM)


3/5 stars for this surprisingly useful utility enchantment. It is rather pricey, but saves you from spells like Wrath of God that would otherwise wipe your poor army of white weenies. Plus, assuming your playing a tribal weenie deck like kithkin or enkor, you can even still get buffs from effects like Coat of Arms.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (6/2/2009 1:34:57 PM)


Yeah, that'd be why it's overpriced. :P What'd be really great is if you play Wrath yourself and then play Cairn Wanderers.
Posted By: RisingMoon (7/27/2009 1:51:24 PM)


On the details page it has that the token is a spirit creature type, but the card says essence creature type, and there is nothing in the rulings section. Which is it?
Posted By: Mhirnatsu (2/2/2012 8:30:19 PM)


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