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This card was the centrepiece of a ridiculously convoluted combo deck that kicked my ass recently. It was actually pretty awesome to watch: a ten minute turn, during which time, this card was played multiple time. Once he reached a high enough spell count, he played a grapeshot and killed me instantly. Pretty awesome. His whole deck apart from two cards was in his hand.
Posted By: franconbean (12/28/2011 3:16:04 PM)


It's Second Sunrise! Who's up for some more Eggs?
Posted By: idrinkyourmilkshake (3/31/2013 6:41:58 PM)


As of May the 3rd, this is banned in Modern. Faith's Reward is still legal.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (4/22/2013 1:02:38 AM)


Here's something not many people have probably thought of:
Play Leyline of the Void or enchant your opponent with Wheel of Sun and Moon, then cast something like Planar Cleansing and Second Sunrise.

It's not great, but it's definitely cool.

@GooberSnotpants: Bifurcate and Mask of the Mimic might help you pull off that Kokusho, the Evening Star x2 + Legend Rule combo.
Posted By: OneFishTwoFish (12/17/2011 4:34:43 AM)


Pandemonium + Wrath of God + Second Sunrise = this game just got stupid!

Particularly if you happen to have an Ivory Mask out.
Posted By: niceguygreensboro (1/22/2013 3:04:32 AM)


This, Tormod's Crypt, and Armageddon, Wrath of God, Nevinyrral's Disk, or any other mass card destruction card.

(Unfortunately, unless you use the Disk you need at least 8 mana to cast all that on the same turn. With the disk you can do it with four, but your opponent gets a chance to destroy it.)
Posted By: Aquillion (4/16/2013 10:44:11 AM)


What, haven't any of you heard of "sunny side up"?

Chromatic Sphere, Chromatic Star, Conjurer's Bauble and eggs like Darkwater Egg or Skycloud Egg

here is how this deck wins. You pop Lotus Bloom with a lot of eggs or chromatic artifacts to draw a lot of cards and follow it up with a Second Sunrise to draw more cards, hopefully finding another Second Sunrise or a Cunning Wish for Reclaim to do it all again. Once you empty your library, you use Conjurer's Bauble to infinitely recur a Second Sunrise (because Conjurer's Bauble puts the spell on top of your library then draws the card, you will keep drawing the Second Sunrise) until you either deal infinite damage with a Pyrite Spellbomb or force your opponent to draw his deck with a Cephalid Coliseum. You can also win with a Cu... (see all)
Posted By: Tommy9898 (5/17/2010 5:30:51 PM)


@Akromar: replace Armageddon with Zuran Orb for some substantial lifegain! :D
Posted By: Long_Con (4/15/2011 5:42:46 PM)


Step One - Landfall card of any variety
Step Two - Armageddon
Step Three - With 3 remaining mana, play this.

Assuming you had 7 lands before you played that, that's anywhere in the realm of 7 4/4 beast tokens, a 15/15 Plated Geopede, a 32/32 Baloth Woodcrasher with Trample, or you just milled your opponent for 21 cards. A real game ending combo.
Posted By: Akromar (1/3/2010 11:24:12 PM)


kokusho 1, kokusho 2, this :D
Posted By: GooberSnotpants (2/25/2010 1:20:02 PM)