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It's Super Devour!
Posted By: Kindulas (8/14/2010 2:13:55 PM)


A combo I just found out. This+Reigns of Power. All depends on your opponents army. And since most people I know wants to build their "army" I can use this against them and say "GG!!"
Posted By: Jokergius (9/12/2009 11:04:33 PM)


Hate to break it to you bijart, but I don't think using Dracoplasm on Death's Shadow give you a flying, pumpable 13/13. If this effect works anything like Ooze Garden, Dracoplasm's power & toughness are determined by the creature or creature's power and toughness as it last existed in the battlefield, which would take into account positive or negative counters (by the way, Death's Shadow does not have counters on it). This will work on upkeeps, vanish, defender, Ball Lightening, or even stupider downsides (I'm looking at you Gossamer Phantasm).

And Kitsune, why would you EVER sacrifice all your creatures to this? At most, I would sacrifice two (one with high power + one with high toughness), but I wouldn't sacrfice all my creatures to this any more than I would any creature with Devour.

Like Ooze Garden, this c... (see all)
Posted By: Roy1138 (6/24/2010 12:33:15 PM)


Insurrection followed by this makes a pretty beefy 10-mana creature, and considering the power you gain from it, a very mana-efficient one.
Posted By: Kelrath (10/25/2010 4:48:16 PM)


The best idea is probably ditching creatures you've stolen (ideally en masse) to feed the Dracoplasm. All the same, I'd like to play him at instant speed (say, with Scout's Warning) after playing Hold the Line and/or Glyph of Destruction on a bunch of high-toughness blocking walls. You're just begging for card disadvantage, but it's a great way to extend some huge pump effects.
Posted By: Kirbster (4/3/2011 2:35:54 PM)


Should have 'Dragon' as one of its types.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/4/2010 2:17:18 AM)


Very fun card with some nice combos, but this really should have been a Dragon Ooze Shapeshifter.
Posted By: SirMalkin (8/19/2011 2:26:24 PM)


Absolutely going in my Kiln Fiend deck.

Often, if I can't kill someone between turns 3 and 5, I'll blow the Instants out of my hand and languish for a few of turns until I can strike again.

This creature allows me to replace a spent Fiend and/or Dragonaut with a pumpable flier that can be enormous. It's a fair trade in this one deck.

I don't have any other decks where this would be useful =(

4/5 for use in my one deck, though =)
Posted By: PlasticAvatar (5/24/2012 9:45:32 AM)


Good with stuff that'll die anyway, like Lavacore Elemental, Keldon Marauders, Ball Lightning, etc..

It's not cheap so you play it early; it's cheap so you eat a fat thing(s) of your own and can protect it.
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/6/2013 1:49:25 PM)


This is like the fusion card in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but not as bad because it can be played on a single creature to "give" it flying and firebreathing, while still allowing for some cool combos with pump effects and effects that steal a creature for a single turn.
Posted By: DrJones (4/29/2009 7:39:13 AM)