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Comparing this to Wydwen, the Biting Gale you can see that there are some differences like some analogies...
They are both Legendaries, both multicolor, both 3/3 and both flying... Although Wydwen has flash and a -1, its ability costs more, so if you want to cast it safely you have to reach 2BlueBlueBlackBlack, instead of 3WhiteBlack for this Angel... So I would say that it's playable even for the today standards...!

If nobody even noticed it, Selenia has 2 ability that are related to Crovax: Ascendant Evincar has flying, while Crovax, Ascendant Hero has the bouncing ability...
I don't know well the story behind those character, but if I recall correctly, Selenia was a protector of Crovax family, but she betrayed him, so Crovax killed her, but she put a curse upon him... However I don't know the Planar Chaos version of the story...

Posted By: leomistico (11/11/2011 2:09:39 PM)


Plays well with Selenia, the Vanguard card that is.


Set 2, 6th down.
Posted By: Eved (3/9/2010 2:37:21 AM)


Orzhov's new mechanic (Extort) makes this card incredible in EDH. A general that bounces herself for free so you can recast her for 3BlackWhite, then extort several times with your spare White or Black mana? Rock on.
Posted By: Salient (2/19/2013 12:30:16 PM)


Funny card to play alongside cards like Near-Death Experience, Mirror Universe and Soul Conduit in EDH. In my fave colours, too. I rate her as the best BW general, as she doesn't rely on other stuff being around to not be killed or interact. Can go under the radar in the more spike-infused games, too.
Posted By: Trektippy (8/8/2011 7:36:10 PM)


Selenia was cool angel, until wizards started giving steroids to creatures, now angel of despair outpowers her.
Posted By: Teotanek (2/8/2010 6:26:52 PM)


Kind of outclassed by Angel of Despair.
Posted By: Vorthosian (7/14/2009 7:24:56 PM)


Hard to kill, Flying is good, helps trigger those black and white spell played effects such as Deathbringer liege, nightsky mimicand that black white hatchling... voracious hatchling? All that and shes beautiful. Whats wrong guys, look into this girls heart, she deserves more than this talk. Can you tell i'm a fan? lol.
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (5/22/2010 3:26:39 AM)


Eh, it would have been better if she had lifelink or viliance or some other ability to accompany flying and the bound ability.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/3/2009 1:20:31 PM)


Shes cool, but sadly, too weak. Add a Vindicate ETB effect, and remove the fun of the game :>
Posted By: Nikeyeia (5/30/2010 4:37:48 PM)


Ya you guys are right, but Angel of Despair also costs a lot more, and has a pain in the A$$ cmc. I think Selenia is a cool angel, but just outclassed by so much other stuff. You guys are right.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (5/29/2010 12:37:21 PM)


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