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it's good for two things that I can think of: first, it's a way to better utilize lands if you have an overabundance of mana; and second, it combines well with cards that recycle lands back to your hand from your graveyard (such as life from the loam, cartographer, etc...) or cards that benefit from lands going to or being in your graveyard (countryside crusher, terravore, etc...).
Posted By: brap (7/1/2009 9:41:43 AM)


Crucible of worlds should be obvious enough.
Posted By: Dargenom (9/27/2012 9:09:25 AM)


I think it's not bad in some multiplayer decks. Beeing able to create 3/3 guys or 2/2 fliers at instant speed without requiring mana ain't bad. Sometimes opponents come up with big creatures out of nowhere and might one-hit you, or have some creature with haste, or might want to destroy your mountains or islands and then you can still get something out of them.

Obviously becomes better with stuff like rings of brighthearth, doubling season or any card that allows you to get lands back from your graveyard. Or if you play a deck that buffs elementals.

Actually, while I write this, the wand just won me a game. Opponent forgot the wand in a multiplayer game, I created a 3/3 elemental to block, survived the attack with one life and killed the opponent the turn after. :P

Posted By: majinara (2/3/2010 5:37:02 PM)


Also it can be used in a pinch for a chump blocker.
Posted By: GrimGorgonBC (12/4/2009 6:50:44 PM)


Who played Islands or Mountains in Darksteel, anyway?
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (10/23/2010 12:13:11 PM)


Not sure if this card is really all that good. Is saccing an island or mountain really worth such a small creature? I suppose that it would depend on the deck that its being played in. Decks that thrive with land cards in the graveyard would certainly become more proficient.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (6/20/2009 1:49:22 PM)


This thing reminds me of Meloku the Clouded Mirror. I'd rather have Meloku, since he can essentially convert all your lands to beats quickly enough to matter, while the Wand is slow and limited to basics.
Posted By: Auteur (8/22/2010 6:10:54 PM)


Its Str8
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (8/22/2011 11:49:12 AM)


Using this against an exalted deck, fun.
Posted By: Dracon.ao (10/26/2011 8:46:06 PM)


This is a great and interesting card :D Magic players are taught to value land above all else. However they also run super quick decks with creatures that rarely get over 6 mana. This means that a lot of the times players have huge mana pools and no cards to play with. Not anymore. Also this can tap when it comes into play. Use it to great effect in Duels f the Planeswalkers.
Posted By: Hercynian (1/19/2013 5:42:24 PM)


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