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FFS. THIS DOES NOT COMBO WITH FIRE WHIP. It says "combat damage" right there on the card.

Posted By: Salient (5/28/2012 3:04:36 PM)


Edit - Now that I think about it, this is just the crummier predecessor to the annhiiliator mechanic.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (5/17/2010 10:51:19 PM)


I love this card! Didn't this see play for a while?
Posted By: Designer_Genes (9/17/2009 8:11:00 AM)


Maybe if they gave it trample...but that might be too good, it's already a 5/6 for 5 with a drawback that can be a good thing in some decks!
Posted By: Superllama12 (7/14/2011 5:34:26 PM)


Reassembling Skeleton... hmmm...

Thing is an absolute monster...

Another idea, Persist and Golgari Germination.
Posted By: Anubisisking (4/16/2011 6:15:16 PM)


Phyrexia much?
Posted By: Ximenez (8/14/2011 10:09:57 PM)



Iit 2ay2 combat damage 2peciifiically, 2o Fiire Whiip and iits friiend2 wouldn't net you anythiing.

A2 per your problem wiith the Eldrazii'2 2uppo2ed lack of flavor, diid you read the book2? Or read any of the flavor text2? What ii2n't flavorful about a world wor2hiipiing god2 they no longer under2tand? Powerful beiing2 from the Bliind Eterniitiie2, an area we a2 plane2walker2 have the lea2t iinformatiion about, locked away iin an iinocent plane, ca2tiing theiir iimage2 upon the wakiing world'2 dream2 and niightmare2? They re2emble niightmare2 iincarnate, becau2e the Eldrazii were beiing2 never meant to 2ee phy2iical form. Hell, Zendiikar wouldn't be the mana-iin2ane plane that iit ii2 wiithout the uncon2iiou2 iinfluence of the Eldrazii.

The Eldrazii have ton2 of flavor. Take the true oriigiin2 of Emeriia, Ula and autocard multiverseid="193632... (see all)
Posted By: twinArmaggedons (12/2/2011 8:09:27 AM)


Yes, this is a sort of proto-annihilator. But one that costs 5 mana, not 8 to 15. Also, you can turn it into a Tim with benefits using the aforementioned Fire Whip or with Hermetic Study or Quicksilver Dagger.

And oh, I almost forgot, this card has flavor unlike certain extra-dimensional lame fests which have no purpose other than giving Timmy seizures.
Posted By: Ideatog (4/12/2011 10:33:15 AM)


It's not very good... his second ability is basically 'win more.'
Posted By: makochman (11/14/2009 1:04:27 PM)


annihilators have to attack, this combos with flame whip, then you can start attacking when they run out of things to sac.
Posted By: supershawn (2/26/2011 4:40:58 PM)


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