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I wonder if the whole design team for the Mirrodin block just sat around, got high, made cards, and printed them before they came down.
Posted By: gongshowninja (8/30/2010 12:05:48 PM)


Talk about control. This is one of the best control spells I know of. If you get tired of the creature you control you can untap it and gain control of an even better one, now thats control. You gotta respect this card hands down.
Posted By: derrick_nation (1/9/2010 10:28:16 AM)


Why would wizards make a low-casting-cost artifact that allows blue to repeatedly steal creatures?
Does that sound like a card that is a good idea for magic?
Posted By: reapersaurus (5/5/2010 11:22:29 PM)


Fantastic card, gives you a Control Magic that can be re-used to your heart's content.

Why give the creature back? Before you grab a different one, sacrifice him on the Carnage Altar... that way the creature is out of the way AND you get a card.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (2/16/2010 11:29:41 AM)


Gentlemen: You have been given the gift of Prototype Portal. Use it wisely.
Posted By: dberry02 (12/16/2010 12:23:03 PM)


I think it's funny that the block that introduced equipment still has a tap-for-effect style proto-equipment, in the manner of Tawnos's Weaponry. They had a newer, better way of doing it, and it's unlikely that equipment targeting opponent's creatures didn't come up as an idea before Mirrodin came out. For example, the unprinted "straight jacket" equipment that MaRo referred to in a "Making Magic" article. I think it says a lot about R&D's concern about the unbalancing effect of letting equip effects target an opponent's creature that they made the deliberate choice to sidestep equip altogether for this card.
Posted By: longwinded (10/27/2011 4:22:59 PM)


Read the rulings, guys. Yes, you DO keep control of a Shakeformed creature when the Snakeform is over. And yes, you keep control of man lands as well ("even if it stops being a creature").
Posted By: Arachnos (1/6/2013 9:15:42 AM)


I'm SO glad they printed Abrupt Decay... Playing against this card is one of the most frustrating experiences one can have, specially when it is paired with Miren, the Moaning Well
Posted By: Lueseto (5/16/2013 12:00:51 PM)


Run this with Sorceress Queen or Singing Tree for the lulz :)
Posted By: Earthdawn (5/29/2013 5:25:22 AM)


This card is too good.
Posted By: Kirbster (6/21/2010 4:59:02 PM)