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Survival of the Trinkets
Posted By: metalevolence (7/13/2012 2:58:53 PM)


Should be a staple in EDH decks that run Blue. Skullclamp, Arcbound Worker, Sol Ring, Sensei's Divining Top, Pithing Needle, Elixir of Immortality, Expedition Map, Mana Vault...
Posted By: Nucleon (8/9/2011 10:11:38 PM)


This will work very nicely in my Hanna, Ship's Navigator EDH deck. I can search for the useful early game artifacts while filling my graveyard for later artifact recur.
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (11/21/2010 12:38:54 PM)


This card reminds of Survival of the Fittest, except for low cost artifacts.
Oh, and don't forget to fish out those Myr Servitors and Skullclamps.
Posted By: Kenji18 (6/19/2009 12:49:32 AM)


this card would be quite useful if it didn't have this annoying activation cost of one blue mana.
this way you can only make really good use of it in a monocolored deck imo.
requiring mana isn't a bad idea i think, as otherwise you could fetch your entire artifacts with a cmc of 1 or less into your gy, unless you set an activation limit.
i'd really like this card if only the activation cost was a colorless mana instead...
Posted By: Mode (1/1/2009 7:45:08 PM)


I might decide to discard a darksteel colossus for a phyrexian dreadnought. since it is blue, you can easily run stifle and trickbinds
Posted By: Havens (4/29/2011 11:28:28 AM)


This tutors Phyrexian Dreadnought in the same color as Stifle and Trickbind.

Someone's gotta break this, right?
Posted By: Salient (8/25/2011 5:28:56 PM)


that's quite intuitive
Posted By: DaaNz (3/14/2009 8:24:54 AM)


Something about an enchantment repeatedly searches out artifacts repulses me. Aesthetically should've been one of those colored artifacts.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (6/11/2011 9:02:58 PM)


This is the closest R&D will ever come to fixing Tinker.

Still terribly broken, but nice try guys. We appreciate your continued attempts to bring back fixed old broken cards with new broken cards. :p
Posted By: DarthParallax (1/31/2012 2:14:07 PM)