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Posted By: Fragskull (11/15/2009 9:10:08 AM)


Ahh, I love this card so, so much. Part of it is nostalgia: I got this card in a pack just as I was starting to really get into Magic, and he was a workhorse in my mono-black aggro-control deck. The ability is great, the flavor is excellent, and the illustration is just so, so badass.
Posted By: Cubozoan (5/22/2011 7:15:01 AM)


I agree with Vampire Nocturnus, and also Captivating Vampire now that M11 is out.
Posted By: ToidiDiPuts (7/11/2010 9:29:56 PM)


"Vampires do(es)n't work that much anyway."
- Posted By: Dilleux_Lepaire (11/24/2008 7:07:31 PM)

Hehe, that was pre Zendikar :D
He could possibly even find some mediocre use in such a deck regarding cards like Vampire Nocturnus, Malakir Bloodwitch or Blade of the Bloodchief. And in case you run a non-Vapire for some reason (Painter's Servant for instance as mentioned before by metalvolence) he could help out including that guy as well.

In general he can also be great in conjunction with "shooters". Plague Spitter should be the most awesome card for this, Thrashing Wumpus will go nuts as well.
Goblin Sharpshooter might also be handy, and some creatures like Ashen Firebeast and Crypt Rats might find use as well (the latter if you can increase their toughness before). Warmonger/aut... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (11/4/2009 3:01:57 PM)


Deathbringer Thoctar
Posted By: LTJZamboni (4/28/2010 4:28:38 PM)


Or put it in your Arcbound deck.
Suddenly all your creatures share a creature type, and turn into Arcbound Sliths.
Just good times all round.
Posted By: psyklone (11/24/2009 3:40:04 PM)


Yeah, Triskelion is kind of funny
Posted By: cthulubbq (1/18/2010 10:22:22 AM)


He is a double vampire xD (i know it isn't true, but still)

The ability could be quite strong.
Posted By: theis999 (12/1/2010 12:31:12 PM)


@bijart_dauth :: How is it contradictory since vampires tend to turn non-vampires into vampires. Start with one and eventually there will be more.
Posted By: Guest1162619373 (10/1/2010 3:50:47 AM)


gives +2/+1 and flying to the painter's servant you're comboing with vampire nocturnus

or you could be boring and run deathbringer thoctar, or even more boring, murderous redcap and a sac outlet. psh.
Posted By: metalevolence (3/31/2010 9:32:54 PM)


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