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I didn't realize that rats are so tribal. You could make a rat deck with cards like Ratcatcher, Swarm of Rats, and Patron of the Nezumi. (Along with this card, of course.)
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (7/31/2009 7:42:16 PM)


RATS! My pet tribe :)
But just so you know, "...phobia", you just named like four of the five cards that refer to rats as a type...the only one I can think that you missed is Pestilence Rats...wait, I correct myself: Swarmyard is key to any rat deck.
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (1/11/2010 10:33:32 AM)


2 x (n-1), where n is your number of rats. This does this every turn. Every. Turn.
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (2/22/2011 4:10:51 PM)


Use him with other Rats to give them Fear and when they are unblocked, use Ninjitsu (better if they are Rat Ninjas and not just Human Ninjas so they also have fear)!!
Posted By: AXER (12/18/2009 1:55:27 AM)


Sooo Intruder Alarm?
Posted By: atogatogatogatog (12/8/2011 8:47:40 AM)


Yet another good combo piece to use with Intruder Alarm
Posted By: rhun1101 (3/7/2012 8:29:17 PM)


Rats vs. Cats dual decks. IT MUST BE DONE!
Posted By: atemu1234 (8/13/2012 1:48:26 PM)


Commander for a rat tribal deck! Load your deck with any nice rat you can get your hands on + Relentless Rats. :o
Posted By: ModestPhil (10/26/2012 1:09:12 PM)


Infinite Rats with Intruder Alarm and at least 2 other rats.

As if Intruder Alarm didn't have ENOUGH combos.
Posted By: yousquiddinme (12/3/2012 4:13:02 AM)


Pretty much the undisputed king of the rats. He's a little expensive but when he hits the board you should have plenty of rats available to use his abilities with. I remember buying a playset of this guy for my Rat deck when he was $1.50 a card. Now it's up to $15 a card, just craziness.
Posted By: HeraldOfRazia (4/3/2013 11:41:35 PM)


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