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Ive played this card in its Hayday and I was usually able to draw 3 cards off of it and attack for 9 damage. Yeah the investment of 6 mana is a bit much, but we are talking about Kamigawa. Magic was nowhere near the power it is today. With Baneslayer Angel and the Titans everything changed about magic.

Every new player keeps uttering "it dies to....." As an older player we realize that not every deck packs 20 removal cards, we understand that players have to be careful to utilize their removal suit in order to win the long game.
Posted By: vantha (2/1/2013 1:28:00 PM)


I imagine this was pretty good in Limited.
Posted By: KrosanGardener (8/7/2009 11:35:09 PM)


I think that its stats make people think that this card is so weak. If you think that it can be:

Whenever you play a spell, draw a card.

people will like it much better. Ok, maybe not so much after the release of Consecrated Sphinx.
An ok card for a Kamigawa block casual deck. If only the Arcane spells were a little better (and little more...)

Posted By: leomistico (6/21/2011 2:03:31 AM)


Too bad it's got such a high mana cost, but otherwise this actually might have seen a good bit of play with blue spirit control decks.
Posted By: Dark_Raider (8/15/2009 9:10:29 AM)


Sheesh, card advantage in tribal decks should normally be for the mid-game and come with a cost between 3 and 5 mana.
This one doesn't even give instant card advantage (although a decent amount over time), but a flying 3/3 six-drop is not exactly what i'd like to see.
Spirit decks aren't that powerful anyways...
Even back then they were overshadowed by aggro decks running the Jitte, for example.
Posted By: Mode (10/23/2009 6:17:32 AM)


Needs too many mana and dies with Lightning Bolt
Posted By: SwordSkill (9/21/2009 10:28:45 AM)


When I first saw this card, I assumed there was a cycle of Sires that trigger and do something when you play a Spirit or Arcane spell. Unfortunately, there isn't.

Anyway, I call this card mediocre. You could, for example, play Frost Titan instead, and not have to wait until you play a Spirit or Arcane spell for a benefit, and also not have to watch out for Lightning Bolts.
Posted By: RunedServitor (1/15/2012 10:59:23 AM)


Sigh... people... this card is good. If you complain about how the average arcane card is bad, then use the good arcane cards. The same goes for spirit cards. In the right deck, six mana is nothing, because I've been killing all of your creatures with Nameless Inversion/Crib Swap, so you don't end up finishing me before I drop this. Spirit tribal can actually be a control tribal, keep that in mind. So what if it dies to Lightning Bolt? You probably don't have any bolts in your hand because you've been using them on all my Latch Seekers. Also, people are always so, SO obsessed with CMC:p/t ratio. In this case, that ability more than makes up for that bad ratio. This gives you a LOT of card advantage, because when you cast a card, you draw a card, and then you can cast that and draw another card (unless it's a land).
Posted By: OlvynChuru (5/23/2014 2:04:26 PM)


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