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Hee, Firemind's Foresight. One card to three cards to one fatty!

Also, just noticed it's the same Kami in each of the three combo pieces.
Posted By: psychichobo (1/1/2013 3:52:03 PM)


This is why Kamigawa was so insular. Still, it's a neat idea.
Posted By: SleetFox (3/30/2010 9:56:32 AM)


That's cool. In a sense, for five mana you can get out a 6/7 flier with trample. Who then brings back spells. Awesome!
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (8/20/2009 4:09:54 PM)


There's something that bothers me about this combo. Theoretically, each peace of this combo could bring you closer to actually having the pieces of the combo you don't have. If it didn't matter at all which order you cast these spells in you could effectively use the other combo pieces to search out the piece you didn't have. Even with the two weakest combo pieces you can look through the top three cards of your library for the third. Unfortunately, it's not really that way at all. Sift Through Sands HAS to resolve after the other two have been cast. So if you have Reach Through Mists and Sift Through Sands in your hand, Peer Through Depths HAS to be the top card of your library, rather than within the top three, to pull it off in this turn. Perhaps this combo would have been better had the ability been printed on all three. Perhaps it would have been better if it had been printed as "At the beginning of the next end step, If you've cast a spell named Peer Through Depths and a spell na... (see all)
Posted By: cheesechimp (1/1/2011 3:50:33 AM)


It gives you the option to search your library for The Unspeakable. If you find it in your library, you get the option to put it onto the battlefield from your library. Nowhere does that effect interact with your hand, so you cannot put it onto the battlefield from your hand.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (8/12/2009 5:02:13 PM)


In case you guys didn't know.
T3: Long-Forgotten Gohei
T4: Reach Through Mists, Peer Through Depths, Sift Through Sands
BAM! free The Unspeakable a 7/8 Flying Trampling monstrosity for only a 6 mana investment that you can attack with by turn 5
Posted By: Forgeling (8/22/2009 5:09:50 PM)


@ SleetFox: Actually, this is only the 1% of why Kamigawa was insular. A 3card combo for another card in the block is like saying that the Kaldra set of equipment makes Mirrodin block insular...

@ cheesechimp: With your idea, if I play the 3 spells responding each other, so all 3 are in the stack at the same moment, I will end up with 3 Unspeakable in the battlefield... I don't think that was supposed to work like that!

Somehow, the less useful of the 3... I like Peer Through Depths the most because I like to play with a lot of Instants and Sorceries. Reach Through Mists is nice if you're planning an Arcane deck, like I did in its time. This is "only" a Catalog with a worse mana cost. It's cost is a little too much for playing in an arcane deck, I think. However, not useless at all!

Posted By: leomistico (4/11/2012 8:50:02 AM)


If i already have The Unspeakable in my hand when i play the three cards can i still put him in to play, or does it have to come from my library?
Posted By: JJP2D (7/28/2009 12:45:24 AM)


Peer through Depths
Reach through mists
sift through sands
the unspeakable
your welcome
Posted By: shotoku64 (12/23/2012 1:12:08 PM)


Wait a min, this is like Thirst for Knowledge but you can discard any card rather than an artifact or 2 cards and its harder to splash.
Oh and I suppose the chance to summon forth madness itself is cool too.
So why the terrible rating?
I give it 4/5
Posted By: accsavious (1/20/2013 1:23:38 PM)


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