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It does an somewhat good job with Iizuka the Ruthless.

This equipment allows in general to convert the activated costs of saccing effects into two colorless mana if you got a Samurai.

Therefore Ashnod's Altar creates a loop. This could turn Indebted Samurai into a big fatty for instance, although there are better cards to make use of this loop, such as spells with Storm effect like Grapeshot.

Another loop with this equipment could be done by changing the Samurai type with Artificial Evolution and then sacrifice Kor Outfitter or Vulshok Battlemaster to something that can finish the game like Goblin Bombardment.

Two Auriok Steelshapers and a Samurai could also enable that loop, but that's not necessarily the best combo since it requires even more cards than the precedant suggestions...
Posted By: Mode (11/21/2009 5:36:43 AM)


This has such damn good flavour..
Posted By: ElTaco (1/11/2011 12:23:06 AM)


+3 +1 is pretty good by itself. 4/5.
Posted By: land_comment (2/25/2011 6:12:30 PM)


Godo EDH may not be good, but Fumiko, the Lowblood might.
Posted By: auriscope (12/21/2010 3:04:36 PM)


This is for the samurai's only club. Or vindicate in a pinch.
Posted By: Mike-C (4/10/2011 8:46:11 AM)


@AXER, no. Like the ruling says, It activates from the graveyard, so the card must be a samurai while it us in the ''yard. The counter, as well as the alteration, that Sensei gives falls off as the critter goes to the 'yard, so the trigger may hit the stack, but will not return the creature.

While the counter us pointless, the changes sre not actuallly printed onto the creature, so it reverts to kt's previous state of being whatever it was before.
Posted By: Ashrubel (2/15/2012 12:01:37 PM)


This card would excel in an EDH deck with Godo, Bandit Warlord as a general. Its a shame though that there aren't enough red smaurai to make a good EDH deck with Godo.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/3/2009 12:20:05 PM)


Can this equipment "save" a Non-Samurai who became Samurai say with Sensei Golden-Tail?
Posted By: AXER (1/1/2010 7:06:06 PM)


This is Oathkeeper...but where's Oblivion?
Posted By: Axelle (7/29/2011 8:23:56 AM)


Ashes of the Fallen + this = recur anything :)
Posted By: Earthdawn (4/26/2013 4:33:07 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!