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Searing Wind's best friend
Posted By: Raveknight (10/29/2009 6:04:43 PM)


Savage Beating or Relentless Assault work very well with this. If it's on a fatty with trample then you're set. It'll get to keep attacking.
Posted By: Johnald (1/31/2010 8:52:36 PM)


archive trap on a stick? sounds fun. not very useful in tournaments I guess, but in my casual playgroup it will be epic.
Posted By: altf4ninja (9/15/2010 9:55:48 AM)


Ive always used this card with decree of savagry. With a 9 CMC it actually turns out to be cheaper if I throw it on this stick. Then mix that with triskelions and it turns out pretty awesome :)
Posted By: HappyDude69 (11/24/2009 1:15:01 PM)


This is a Johnny card, with a dash of Timmy. It begs for a big honking instant to attach to it, and screams for someone to find efficent use for it. It's easier said than done, of course. Dramatic Entrance comes to mind, as you trample over foes with middle-sized creatures and repeatedly summon bigger ones. Still, not terribly effective.

I guess this seems considerably weaker in light of the other Imprint cards in Mirrodin and it's kin. Most of those were incredibly combo-licious, able to lock down games with counter/removal on-a-stick. Since this says combat damage, pinger combos are out of the question- sorry, Triskeleton. No triple-casting untaps and extra combat phases for you. And it's not as repeatable as the other Imprint cards. So yeah, by comparison, this seems poor. But keep in mind that even theoritically repeatable spell duplication should be costly- it has great potential for broken games.
Posted By: DoctorKenneth (12/2/2009 8:45:30 AM)


This looks interesting for casual games. Heck, just slap a high-powered burn instant on it and wail away with you Phantom Warrior or your Azorius Herald.

Completely out of the question for competitive play, though.
Posted By: Snaxme (12/18/2009 2:01:50 PM)


Cipher Beta
Posted By: occamsrazorwit (1/7/2013 1:39:54 AM)


(Granted a lot of the cards I'm going to name weren't around when you made your comment but your staggering ignorance requires me to respond):

- I need to have a good instant in hand that makes sense on this card
Generally good stuff:
Savage Beating, Decree of Savagery, Searing Wind, Firemind's Foresight
Storm Instants (you get the Storm):
Hunting Pack, Brain Freeze, Scattershot, Reaping the Graves, Sprouting Vines
Amusing high-cost instants (Johnnies rejoice):
Cauldron Dance (highly amusing), Opportunity, Pyrokinesis, Spinal Embrace (actually quite good), Trostani's Judgement
Overcosted cards with alternate casting costs:
any of the Traps (except ... (see all)
Posted By: strider24seven (5/29/2013 1:00:26 PM)


People saying this is useless don't have minds to think of ways to use it.

The equip cost is a little steep, but very good if you can find a Johnny way to use it.

Posted By: Ladnarud (10/1/2010 12:57:09 AM)


I have to disagree with you majinara, your points are well made, but there are three distinct additions I would make. The first is its only 7 mana if you pay it all at once, you can of course play the card on a turn where you can't yet play your big creature, but intend to equip it with the spell binder the next turn. The second thing is its easy finding a big instant if your a red or white deck, maybe less so with other decks. The last thing is you don't play this card to mess around and make a card advantage investment, you play it as a win condition. I'll give you an example, play this card first, play deus of calamity for 5 mana, and then have spell binder equipped to deus with a soul's fire instant imprinted on it. Everytime the deus deals trample damage to an opponent, you get a free soul's fire affect which gives you an instant 6 damage to target creature or player, which then also activates the deus's land destruction ability. So, for a 2 turn set up, you get 12 damage an... (see all)
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (10/11/2009 11:41:50 PM)


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