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@ McThor.. Although "Acid" is predominantly Green, it is actually more like non-white. In exists in all colors but white. Blue Acid Rain Black Stream of Acid Red Acidic Soil and Green Chain of Acid
Posted By: LunarAvenger (1/20/2012 11:32:18 AM)


Make your attack, then any slivers that get blocked can be sacrificed for 2 damage. Not bad at all.
Posted By: Faidite (1/26/2011 10:13:13 AM)


Acidic seems so...green.
Posted By: McThor (5/11/2010 11:17:54 AM)


good when you've got some mana and its going to die anyway, or just for the efficiency
Posted By: sliverlord5000 (9/12/2009 3:51:39 PM)


Not the top tier of slivers, but still one of the better ones. Reasonably costed with a useful ability, that allows you to kill players who are at low life but can't be attacked.
Posted By: majinara (1/14/2011 9:19:47 AM)


SO much better when you could say, "Damage on the stack..."
Posted By: SweetoothTKC (12/19/2011 6:22:08 PM)


While I'm not a fan of slivers in general, this is not a bad creature. Even by itself, it does a respectable impression of Ember Hauler -- an Ember Hauler with some nice artwork, to boot. I wouldn't mind ending up with Acidic Sliver as the only sliver in my draft pool.
Posted By: voyager1 (5/4/2012 10:08:39 AM)


Still not bad. Can get some extra value if they try to use spot removal, and gives you massive reach for the last points of damage.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (6/11/2013 3:54:56 AM)


If this is not in your top tier of slivers, I would like to know what is. I have always included acidic sliver in my decks going back to Tempest days. Granted, when damage used the stack, it was much much better. But the ability to sac dudes to kill others, or players, and especially considering any decent sliver deck with have Sliver Queen and a Heartstone, I think he would be in that top tier.

I mean, this is just my opinion, but I would like to see what your idea of "top tier" is... that is if you would ever see this and actually reply.....
Posted By: Bbone37 (9/19/2013 4:41:39 PM)