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Salvaging Station + Flayer Husk + Krark-Clan Ironworks is not a bad combo; it nets you infinite mana, not to mention the infinite number of comes-into-play and leaves-play triggers for creatures and artifacts.
Posted By: Ragamander (2/27/2011 3:43:29 AM)


No, wrath of god would make it trigger a bunch of times. But on another note, I know there's an infinite combo in there somewhere...

I think march of the machines, this, and ashnod's coupon would go infinite =)

"Get me 10 billion glasses of water, please!"

Or more seriously, march of the machines, this, and a lotus bloom/lotus petal/black lotus (of course, if ur running the lotus, u can get a lot better than that)

Or march, this, and chromatic star for infinite draw, or any other "egg".

You get the point.

Edit: I just realized u need a glorious anthem-type thing to keep most of those alive. The 0 cmc ones, that is.
Posted By: channelblaze (7/12/2010 10:36:09 PM)


Executioner's Capsule
Posted By: poprockmonster (11/7/2011 10:26:36 AM)


Lotus petals ...
Posted By: GrimGorgonBC (12/8/2009 4:50:21 PM)


Couldn't this be used nicely with March of the Machines? Anything with cc 1 then becomes a 1cc creature, so the baubles and whatnot untap it when they die.
Posted By: Elysiume (12/14/2009 2:47:04 PM)


I believe for simultaneous triggers the controller of the effect gets to order how they go on the stack. Don't quote me on that though, I haven't skimmed through the comprehensive rules since 2004.
Posted By: Velacteis (1/20/2010 2:57:03 PM)


...the art is in the wrong order!
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (1/5/2011 11:03:38 AM)


Not sure quite how to break it yet, but i think this can probably somehow combo really nicely with Chimeric Mass
Posted By: tcollins (1/10/2011 11:19:25 AM)


salvaging station, flayer husk, Teyza, Orzhov Scion, soul warden and rusted slasher for infinite life, creatures and removal.

Posted By: Spidey77 (3/8/2011 4:36:50 PM)


IIt will trigger exactly once each time its trigger condition is met. Since the trigger condition is "whenever a creature is put into the graveyard from play", then it will trigger once for each creature. Multiple creatures hitting the 'yard equals multiple triggers going on the stack, which will each resolve individually and may be responded to.

So yes, you could tap it in response to the first trigger, then let it resolve and untap, tap it again, let the next trigger resolve and untap, tap it a third time, let the next trigger resolve, etc., that's perfectly legal.


If you kill 10 creatures at the same time with Wrath of God, you can untap (and then tap again) 10 times.
Posted By: Sleazebag (4/24/2011 4:02:28 PM)