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When Ravnica hit, I joked that they should bring back licids for the Orzhov, because they're a rules nightmare, which combines a white thing - rules - with a black thing - nightmares. (Cue weak laughter.)
Posted By: Kirbster (3/29/2013 2:31:10 AM)


ok, confusing wording, but basikly a reusable, cheper, weaker pacifism
Posted By: bijart_dauth (3/26/2010 11:35:20 AM)


As now "enchanted creture cannot attack" doesn't remove already attacked creature from an attack. At least Pacifism played as an instant during an attack doesn't do it.

WoTC is figuring out should it or shouldn't it remove the attacker and you can expect rulings coming out.
Posted By: tavaritz (7/31/2011 12:38:49 AM)


Not only that, you can remove him during the declare blockers phase from a creature if another one attacks, block with it, then reattach him to the original creature you enchanted. Presto, he stops TWO creatures from hurting you!
Posted By: nammertime (6/10/2010 11:20:27 PM)


Oddly enough this was better with damage on the stack.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (9/5/2012 8:41:20 AM)


@Nammer: If they've already attacked, "Creature cannot attack" does absolutely nothing.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (5/13/2013 5:26:50 PM)


Awesome card! Can shut down anything (without protection/hexproof/, and when you can finally kill that thing, just return it to creature status.
In a vigilance deck, it's even better, since it can lock down a creature, then return to attack, then re-lock down.
Posted By: JarieSuicune (11/19/2013 6:40:27 AM)