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Just what red needs: a way to fix up draws while killing a blocker or doming an opponent :)
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (5/18/2010 12:37:44 PM)


This was one of the strongest burn spells back in Mirrodin (alongside Shrapnel Blast), and would probably still be good had it been reprinted in M11, replacing Burst Lightning or Galvanic Blast in decks. But then, generic red scry is probably something they wouldn't do again, for color pie issues.
(Which is exactly why Magma Jet is so good - it does something that red could seldom do, but desperately need, especially in top-deck mode.)
Posted By: Gabriel422 (11/24/2010 11:02:20 PM)


"As an additional cost, discard a card" would help. Having discard as part of the effect allows someone to cantrip if they have no cards in hand. Forcing a discard in order to cast ensures the cost and fits the flavor you're going for.
Posted By: A_Real_Travesty (5/29/2013 4:19:20 PM)


This is coming back in Theros!! I'm exited for the Theros block. I was a little disappointed (okay maybe a lot disappointed) about the RTR block as a whole once Dragon's Maze came out, but Theros looks very unique. I'm optimistic at this point. Here's hoping!
Posted By: Jojabi (8/29/2013 4:57:25 AM)


Seems like it could help the mana curve in burn...
Posted By: VirtueVsVice (11/16/2009 11:03:19 AM)


Not bad. Always liked scry 2 or more, would be good for mono-red decks with not enough mana problem.
Posted By: Hentai (1/30/2010 1:20:16 AM)


Hey this fits cool in burn decks, there's a severe shortage in 2cmc spells (Incinerate is obviously out of the situation).
Posted By: DespisedIcon (8/20/2010 10:04:33 PM)


It's perfect for burn, you need to hit your land drops in any deck and this guarantees them. And it dodges you running into your Urza's Rage on turn 3.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (3/16/2012 4:31:53 AM)


@Perfect Genetics: I completely disagree with that.. This costs exactly the right amount, (M) for the shock and (1) for the scry. It's balanced, it's useful, it's even necessary for today's game. Great card and of course you'd love it @ (M) cost! I'd love Demonic Tutors @ (S) too! But it ain't gonna happen. Just like a cashier making 100,000/yr base salary! Why? Because you wouldn't be earning it. Just like this as a 1 drop. Come on now..
Posted By: Mike-C (2/24/2012 5:23:05 PM)


Having a cantripping Incinerate when you go hellbent is pretty highly powered, though. Maybe for 3 mana.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (5/15/2012 11:58:11 PM)