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Putrefax. Nothing more need be said.
Posted By: TheLionsMane (8/1/2011 2:31:13 PM)


It'd be better if the effect resolves upon attacking. The fact that it resolves "at end of combat" means the creature still deals combat damage.
Posted By: redwinedrummer (10/14/2009 9:47:36 PM)


Volrath's wrist has the strongest tendons in the Multiverse. He can swat fools at speeds exceeding 300 miles per hour.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/25/2012 1:20:29 AM)


If you have cheap critters with come into play effects then. Very good against reanimator decks.
Posted By: tavaritz (7/31/2011 12:53:16 AM)


I feel there is more potential in somehow using this card with your own creatures, but I'm not sure how...
Posted By: djflo (5/15/2011 12:55:09 AM)


The only possible advantage this has over a pacifism is that your opponent will be tempted to waste their mana bringing the creature out again and again. It should be used to give you plenty of opportunities to counter the creature at some point, even if it initially resolved, then start over with a new creature, as well as reduce the overall damage taken from the creature by half. That said, for what most people expect this to do, aka stop an attacker, there are many better cards out there.
Posted By: jsttu (2/28/2011 12:35:18 PM)


Well, yes Krypt, that's true, but in the Mercadian Masques novel, it's revealed that Starke is made of particularly light, but stable, tissue paper.
Posted By: NeoKoda (5/31/2012 10:45:26 AM)


The flavour text is pretty sad. It shows that a pupil (i.e. Anakin Skywalker) has turned against and overcome his master (Obi-Wan). Anakin is even wearing a metal suit to match. It fits perfectly.
Posted By: Subtle_Kay (1/2/2013 4:09:14 AM)


Pretty weak. Only really suitable if your opponent has a creature with a negative effect on entering the battlefield, which you obviously can't build around.

Plus, if you like bouncing creatures, you can do it at instant speed and without taking combat damage first. There's really no reason to use this one.
Posted By: Jannissary (7/4/2013 4:38:43 AM)


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