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Shame on y'all. There's a reason that this creature costs so much. A shade with any kind of evasion will win you the game in three or four turns if the opponent doesn't have some removal handy. And the usual Bolt or Shock won't kill it since you can just pump it. Doom Blade, Terror, and the like can't target it since it's black, so the only things left are Pacifism, Path to Exile and similar, or mass removal to get rid of it. Note that all these are white, so that's 4 of 5 colours that can't touch this. The only option open to the remaining colours is to block with fliers, and this can easily pump to bigger than most fliers out there. This thing is well worth 3Black; the only shade with better evasion is Undercity Shade and look how expensive and rare they made that. If you think this creature isn't worth 3Black, you don't know what you're doing.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (2/4/2010 1:56:08 PM)



Spot-on for most of what you've said, though I think it's worth noting that it's still kind of vulnerable to "the usual Bolt or Shock". If you're at all concerned about that removal, you really can't cast this guy on the 4th turn, or you're asking for him to be cooked. Even if he does survive for you to untap and have Black available, a canny opponent can wait until you put his pumps on the stack and bolt in response.

I guess I think it's a bit much to say that red as a colour can't touch it... but I still definitely agree that he has to be 3Black.
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (8/27/2010 9:01:23 AM)


This is worth the cost. It can sometimes underperform, but it can also absolutely blow people out.
Posted By: Baconradar (8/30/2010 5:31:13 AM)


Freaky art...goodbye sleep, hello nightmares!
Posted By: Superllama12 (2/23/2011 3:57:41 PM)


5/5 for artwork alone. Not a too shabby card either.
Posted By: creepycrawler (2/6/2011 6:50:50 PM)


more like, B: take another tab of acid
Posted By: DaaNz (5/26/2011 3:10:13 AM)


Jason Alexander Behnke really should have gotten more work.
Posted By: TtothaOtothadoubleD (2/2/2013 5:45:12 AM)


ClockworkSwordfish is right. This thing is a threat, especially when you have a dark ritual to screw up the burn.
Posted By: blindthrall (7/2/2010 1:35:58 AM)


I used to love this card; the art reminds me of the nightmarish illustrations in "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" and I always felt so edgy using it as a kid.

Unfortunately, this card was made entirely obsolete with the release of Chilling Shade. I had a few of these in my mono-black legacy deck until I found the aforementioned card, so now I just feel like dismantling it :-/. I wish wizards would stop releasing strictly better versions of older favorites.
Posted By: abdulmuhsee (1/27/2013 1:13:32 PM)


Dungeon Shade is a classic late-game black winner. Pumping AND evasion equals heroics in clogged battlefield conditions of turn 8 and beyond. Unless your deck is geared to winning in 5-6 turns, good deck-building always needs something that can grind out late-game advantage when cards are scarce (hands are mostly empty) and mana is plentiful. Dungeon Shade (and shades in general) are the easiest option for the player of black. This disgusting little beauty has won more games for me than I can remember, and it's COMMON. Perfect for pauper black.
Posted By: RaymondKHessel (11/18/2013 10:13:15 AM)


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