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Wow... this is a really interesting little card. This thing could be a BOMB with all of the non-basic lands out there now. The beast designation is interesting as well... in a Garruk deck you could drop this guy and then pop an overrun.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (4/23/2010 10:14:25 AM)


Unhinged 2 candidate card:


You count as an opponent to yourself. (You may declare attacks against yourself. Your creatures cannot block themselves. You may choose or target yourself whenever an opponent is targeted or chosen. If an effect causes you to win the game, all your opponents lose and the game is a draw. If there are no other players in the game, you can either win or keep playing against yourself at your discretion.)

Could even be an enchant player for more hilarity.
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/18/2013 7:06:48 AM)


I'm kinda shocked this doesn't see play in Legacy, considering the amount of play Tarmogoyf gets, and the fact that most decks use nothing but non-basic lands. I'd think it'd be a powerhouse.
Posted By: Nagoragama (4/19/2013 1:47:50 PM)


This has EDH secret tech written ALL over it.
Posted By: Lazylineman72 (5/19/2011 2:03:21 PM)


Ok, this card is really good in EDH, right?
Posted By: Anubisisking (1/29/2011 8:21:29 PM)


Wow! This is almost like a Tarmogoyf with trample, just... no 3rd turn stuff.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (2/14/2010 5:22:04 PM)


Great against a mono-Worldwake deck. :-). I hate emoticons. This is sarcasm. :-(.
Posted By: land_comment (2/26/2011 5:58:18 PM)


back when this was printed it was almost useless but now when some mana bases contain only 1-4 basic lands in a deck with 25 lands would be incredibly powerfull I'd love to see this reprinted in todays standard
Posted By: Raveknight (10/29/2009 6:33:06 PM)


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