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Whatever happened to the Thalakos after Tempest block, anyway? They still should be around, somewhere, shouln't they?
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/11/2010 3:49:03 AM)


Hello Mimic Vat.
Posted By: Krynthe (2/13/2013 9:45:14 AM)


With shadow being a underused ability this guy will give you a creature w/o the fear of getting disenchanted. 4/5.
Posted By: themicronaut (6/25/2009 3:08:27 PM)


However, even a shower of sparks could kill it... 2.5/5
Posted By: garbagegatherer (11/8/2009 5:20:06 AM)


its good because its permenently
Posted By: penguinmage25 (11/10/2011 4:22:39 PM)


This guy can seriously ruin someone's day if they can't deal with it fast enough, even though it's pretty fragile. It's kind of a dick move, but I want to run this in an EDH deck with shroud effects to lock down the opponent's commander.
Posted By: voidweaver (7/31/2012 11:50:35 PM)


they aren't. no new dauthi or soltari cards have been printed either.
Posted By: ultratog1028 (3/24/2010 11:44:41 AM)


This would usually be a reliable way to steal a creature, especially since practically no one bothers to run shadow defense anymore. However, its a little to expensive for its strength, and you can only use it once. 3.5/5
Posted By: Faildini (11/26/2010 5:42:08 PM)


Thalakos? This is the first time I have seen creature type Thalakos. . .
For 4 mana, you can use Control Magic and take opponent's creature with ease . .
However, your opponent can easily destroy the enchantment and gain the creature back . .
This has some ups and downs, but I would rather go with the enchantment though.
I will give it 3.5/5
Posted By: Hoonster (3/5/2011 10:10:10 AM)


As originally worded, shouldn't this be able to deal its combat damage, THEN sacrifice as an activated ability?
Besides the 1-damage difference, Azorius Guildmage etc care.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (4/16/2012 12:57:28 AM)