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Bad one-liners of Magic: Laquatus Edition.
Posted By: SquareHippy (1/2/2011 1:39:00 AM)


Every time I look at this art I feel like that fish is just screaming "AAAAAUUUUUUUGH"
Posted By: tcollins (8/12/2011 9:28:18 AM)


Why did they feel the need to make Mind Over Matter fair?
Posted By: thorjy (6/7/2011 5:57:21 PM)


Dat flavor text... so ridiculous, lol.
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (5/25/2012 4:27:43 PM)


Posted By: A3Kitsune (5/17/2010 11:22:07 PM)


When you're cycling a card, you get a "free" Twiddle for 3-5 mana, is that good? I don't think so.. This card is over-costed because tapping / untapping can be a very strong action, but I can't think of broken combos here! :) Compare with Mind Over Matter..
Posted By: cats_and_me (10/25/2010 7:07:34 AM)


It's really not that bad. I can see a use for it in some decks. Especially discard decks or a shocker mill deck. It bridges the gap between discard and control of permanents on the table. Definitely better and more creative than mind over matter in those kinds of decks.
Posted By: curebdc (8/19/2011 12:56:58 PM)


Well, you could play it, for example, with cinderhaze wretch for example. Tap the wretch to have a player discard, then untap the wretch with the bonds... and so on. Or if you play a team game, you could play with with cephalid broker. If your teammate needs lands or something, target him with the broker. Your teammate can draw and discard two, and then you can tap or untap two permanents (like untap two lands your teammate has).
Posted By: majinara (12/28/2010 1:02:59 PM)


Why is the wizard saving the small fish from the big fish?
Posted By: Arachobia (11/3/2011 12:41:34 AM)


This card is dumb as hell.
Posted By: Zulp (4/28/2010 4:32:18 PM)