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Remember all those Dark Ritual's I played? They're ba-aaack.
Posted By: Drewsel (6/7/2011 7:09:18 PM)


Leave it to WoTC to make a spell that makes Black Lotus even more broken.

Another amusing observation: When this card was printed, Regrowth was restricted (and it stayed restricted until very very recently.) Yes, that's right, WotC looked a card that brought back one card from your graveyard, realized it was overpowered... and then made a card that could bring back every card from your graveyard for one mana more.
Posted By: Aquillion (5/3/2013 8:49:01 PM)


At the very worst, you can cast this to recur a kill spell you absolutely need. Most times, you can play this late game and recast a bunch of things your opponents thought they had dealt with. And at best, you've got a deck built to milk this nightmare for all it's worth, complete with infinite mana combos and whatnot.
This card is unbalanced and overpowered and can only be rated 5 stars.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/13/2012 11:10:18 AM)


@MagicCritic: Actually, ALL yawgmoth's cards are ridiculous. Bargain, Agenda, Will. It's all insanely broken.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (8/9/2013 2:03:42 AM)


I honestly think this card is better than a couple power 9 cards. Seriously, Time Walk will get you another turn to win the game, Timetwister gets you a nice new hand (but it will obsolete any yawgwill you draw). This card wins the game on resolution every single time if you played it right. For 1 more mana.
Posted By: Lazrbeams (2/23/2014 9:30:44 AM)


Yawgmoth is probably the most powerful protagonist in MTG history. So no joke is one of his cards incredibly overpowered.
Posted By: MagicCritic (5/5/2013 1:06:45 PM)


Some of you are missing the nail a little bit for the reason why this card is so strong. I mean, sure, being able to cast what you've already casted throughout the game is good and all, but what really makes the card broken beyond dreams is its combination with Dark Ritual, Demonic Tutor (+other similar cards), Black Lotus, Mind's Desire, and Tendrils of Agony, plus other supporting cards, to consistently win the game on turn 3 or sooner (with turn 1 wins being relatively common), even in the face of counterspells. Yawgmoth's Will can do a similar thing with High Tide, and works well with Oath of Druids decks, and also works as a support card in almost any Vintage deck.
Posted By: DeaTh-ShiNoBi (11/30/2013 1:27:57 AM)


You consider Yawgmoth a protagonist? What do you have against flesh, man?
Posted By: N3wtn (5/28/2014 7:57:07 PM)


Wins on resolution if you play it right.
Posted By: trooperofdoom (11/28/2009 2:25:15 PM)


was comboed with Psychatog and oath of druids or necropotence. Was also comboed with many other now banned/restricted cards; games would consistently end turn 3 for those that were wondering.
Posted By: pixieCrack (6/10/2010 10:16:10 PM)