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It's great when it works, but if your opponent has a better board position than you, they can just sac a land and they know you're not getting anything new next turn. If you don't have enough blockers, you can really take a lot of damage by the time all that land loss evens it out. Also a dead draw late game. Great on turn 4 though. Just great.
Posted By: GainsBanding (3/27/2010 2:35:49 AM)


Unless it's late-game, this is very usefull. I would almost never sacrifice a land to it, because that would only keep it away for one turn. If your opponent is forced to sacrifice a land every turn, they'll have a hard time doing anything. With Magus of the Vineyard, play it second turn. Very good time to have it.
Posted By: Piechart (7/7/2009 4:18:27 PM)


Smashy smashy. I like this card a lot.
Posted By: Treima (5/16/2010 5:23:55 PM)


A very solid card if used right. It's a big baddie for cheap with almost no drawback. Sure it can get bounced to the top of your library but that merely stalls the game for only so long; your opponent loses land or you get a sweet early game 6/6. Works either way for me, frankly.
Posted By: BlackFlameAshura (6/17/2011 11:39:32 PM)


Either get a 6/6 with Trample or destroy the opponent's opportunity to play spells, repeatedly, for 4.
It's just a little slow for my taste, almost unable to draw new cards for awhile.
To me, it looks better in red: Shivan Wumpus.
Posted By: DragonLord132 (9/17/2009 10:49:47 PM)


Green can easily get this out turn 3, which should really put your opponent in a tough position.

Much better than it's red clone imho.
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (4/2/2010 3:20:19 PM)


Far older and better then the Shivan Wumpus. I remember the classic Wurmaggeddon decks. This wurm is a beast no pun intended. Wish they would reprint this soon.
Posted By: Dyrklord (1/13/2011 8:00:48 PM)


Fun agreesive card, he is more powerful in land destruction decks but he is pretty solid on his own.
Posted By: Pontiac (4/12/2011 10:37:46 AM)


Keep a Conundrum Sphinx in play, and every time you attack with it you get it back and don't have to sacrifice a draw.
Posted By: monkeymonk42 (9/14/2011 3:37:19 PM)


Really? Nobody has mentioned Call of the Wild or Lurking Predators yet?

I play it with Pandemonium and sacrifice my own land.
Posted By: Ragamander (1/15/2012 7:21:15 PM)