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It _was_ banned in Standard at one time.
Posted By: JohnnyDiscard (2/1/2011 9:58:46 PM)


This would be rather amazing when paired with the Onslaught block. Astral Slide, Lightning Rift, the landcycling cards as OpenSeasonNoobs offered, and others. {R}{W} seems to be the way to go with this, or throw some blue in for control if desired.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (8/26/2010 2:31:22 PM)


So um, Archmage Ascension and this guy in a cycling deck seem to work out.
Posted By: Eved (4/25/2011 9:15:36 AM)


this is definitely one of my favorite cards ever printed.
Posted By: KismetSamba (5/29/2009 3:14:53 AM)



You're thinking of Memory Jar, that's the only one ever emergency banned.
Posted By: EvilestTim (12/23/2010 5:10:42 AM)


Ummm... Didn't every card with cycling in the Urza block cycle for 2?
Edit @ blurrymadness:
That was more of a rhetorical question to express my disbelief that they printed a card allowing for totally free cycling at the time, especially considering the fact that cycling can be done at instant speed.
Posted By: TDL (4/8/2011 9:41:26 PM)


This thing is a monster. This thing eats babies. It RUNS on babies. Orphan babies... Whoever thought of this card is an evil, evil man.
Posted By: Smoked_Peasant (11/25/2009 9:15:54 AM)


"ultratog1028, please fact-check your claims. This card was, uniquely in the history of Magic, banned in Standard before it was even released, specifically in April 1999. It's a very famous story that anyone who was playing at the time remembers. Don't go posting incorrect "corrections" without verifying your facts first"

I checked the facts. Here's what Randy Buehler has to say on the matter:


"The one card that was ever subject to an emergency ban was Memory Jar, which has the unfortunate text "draw seven cards" on it."
Posted By: scumbling1 (5/28/2011 6:16:19 AM)


well, this isnt banned now, so debate as to weather or not it was is rather moot. Very few cards are banned in legacy and ventage sense there are so many was to respond to them.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (2/5/2011 6:45:51 PM)


Does that count for landcycling..?
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (5/12/2010 8:47:01 AM)


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