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Group hug EDH?
Posted By: boneclub (7/25/2011 10:15:31 AM)


I prefer Land Tax.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/5/2009 6:45:45 AM)


Land Tax is banned from Legacy.
Posted By: Venshad (12/29/2009 6:09:36 AM)


I find this card to be absolutely hilarious against fetchlands.

"Yeah, I'll pay one life for that."
"Wait, what?"
Posted By: Atmos (3/1/2010 3:25:00 PM)


@ninjabear: This is covered in the rules, and the short answer is indeed that there is no way to stack your fetch land usage in that scenario. You have to have fewer lands when your upkeep starts (before activating or triggering any other abilities) in order for this to work.

603.4. A triggered ability may read "When/Whenever/At , if , ." When the trigger event occurs, the ability checks whether the stated condition is true. The ability triggers only if it is; otherwise it does nothing. If the ability triggers, it checks the stated condition again as it resolves. If the condition isn't true at that time, the ability is removed from the stack and does nothing. Note that this mirrors the check for legal targets. This rule is referred to as the "intervening 'if' clause" rule."
Posted By: Etsap (8/9/2012 11:45:34 AM)


Land Tax puts the land in your hand, cool with Seismic A ssault or other hand discard abilities. Oath of Lieges puts the land directly into play, good for sacrificing to a Zuran Orb or other.
Posted By: bhunji42 (10/6/2009 10:16:07 AM)


So, if I have 3 lands (one of them a fetch) and my opponent has 3 lands, is there a way to order the stack as to be able to find a card?

From what I see, this is "at the beginning of your upkeep", so you can't do anything before this. Furthermore, the target requirement is checked when this is put on the stack "target opponent who controls more lands than you", so I understand the ability will simply fizzle and never be put on the stack, without you having any chance of activating the fetch to do your shenanigans. Even if it was put in the stack and checked on resolution, the fetch activation would be on top so when this would resolve, you would still have 3 lands (the fetch would have resolved). Am I saying it wrong?
Posted By: ninjabear (1/16/2012 4:18:59 AM)


Strange card.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/28/2012 8:32:24 PM)


This would be a cool reprint! :D

It's not all that busted. In fact I think it might even be kosher for Standard?
Posted By: DarthParallax (10/18/2012 1:27:34 PM)


I don't think this would fitinto standard (ReRav) but it could be reprinted in a Duel Deck for next block. Fun for group hug although it also makes you a target to the one person getting screwed by it.
Posted By: Jerec_Onyx (11/4/2012 6:38:25 PM)


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