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So that art's really... something.
Posted By: TPmanW (3/1/2011 10:03:01 PM)


Hanna said, "He has your eyes"
Karn said, "Yes he does dear" but in his mind he said, "WTF is she talking about?"

You can see it, Karn has a good poker face

If joking on comments ain't joe style, perhaps some interesting observation?
See that shield? Looks like a Steel Golem to me, but it is really a Touchstone
Posted By: ICEFANG13 (11/8/2011 8:10:18 AM)


I love this flavor text.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (3/1/2011 9:40:02 PM)


Jayemdae Tome in enchantment form. I used to like it, but very expensive... However, if you keep some mana open to counter spell and the opponents don't play anything worth a counter, you know how to spend those 4 mana avaible at the end of their turn... Only useful in a counter-deck, I think, or some casual deck! However if everything goes as planned, it may be great!


@Deepfried-Owls: This is not a creature, so Training Grounds doesn't work. With Opalescence, however...
Posted By: leomistico (6/26/2011 3:43:47 PM)


At least its more playable than Archivus.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/11/2009 6:35:54 PM)


This card was never quite playable. I wanted it to be. But after I payed 8 to draw my first card... 12 for the second... Would making it a cantrip help?
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (12/5/2009 6:59:59 AM)



Back in the good ole days...

Definitely works slightly better with the generic Training Grounds. 2 blue is better than 2 uncolored and 2 blue.
Posted By: Deepfried-Owls (5/22/2011 1:24:29 AM)


Love this! Can be used as many time as you want and a great way to empty your lands when you have no hand late game. 4.5/5, a bit expensive.
Posted By: Gigacat (8/10/2012 3:36:00 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!