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I loved this guy when he came out, and used him in some casual Sligh variants. He does have an important role in the core set, and he's decent in limited. But... Hawk_man is right. He's not generally worth inclusion in most decks. There are so many better one-drop Goblins.
Posted By: stygimoloch (2/14/2009 6:43:36 AM)


I used to play this guy in every red deck I built. He was my workhouse one drop creature and he served me well. Nowadays...maybe I've been spoiled by my playset of Mogg Fanatic and the retarded power of Tattermunge Maniac, but he seems really bad. Actually, I know he's really bad. Raging Goblin is, at his very best, going to get in there for 3 damage and then chump something. Not bad, but any red deck can do better. If you are playing a goblin deck and absolutely can't find anything else, play Raging Goblin for old times sake...but he usually underperforms.
Posted By: Hawk_man (12/4/2008 10:00:08 PM)


Worst version of this card as far as the art goes in my opinion.
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (11/23/2009 2:50:11 PM)


I was a little surprised that this card wasn't printed until Exodus- it seems like such a red staple, it HAD to have come from much earlier in the game! (Not saying it's good, just very basic to what Red stands for.) I guess haste didn't really start to solidify in red's portion of the color pie until around Mirage, so it sort of makes sense.
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (12/20/2012 9:56:15 AM)