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@ brunsbr103

No the cost of the spell is usually equal to the Converted Mana Cost (CMC) but the cost can be increased (as we see here) or decreased (Cloud Key) it is more expensive or cheaper to play, but it doesn't change the CMC of the spell, which Gaddock Teeg cares about. In fact, I think its impossible to change the CMC of a spell.
Posted By: ICEFANG13 (9/9/2011 6:05:40 AM)


According to trinisphere's rulings:
It is applied *after* any other cost increasers or cost reducers are applied

Thus it will look at the spell's cost +1 then decide if it is less than 3, and make it 3. Sorry this doesn't work too well with trinisphere.
Posted By: masterofthechaos (6/28/2011 6:03:18 PM)


More difficult to use than it looks. Funny in land destruction and with things like veteran brawlers.
Posted By: blurrymadness (4/18/2013 11:48:41 AM)


it looks like a giant disco ball and all the goblins are getin it on.
Posted By: BorosLegionnaire (8/11/2009 5:37:53 AM)


Not as powerfull as other mana altering spells, but properly set up can do impressive control in an esper deck.

Also lovely interaction with Etherium Sculptor, Stormscape Familiar, Lodestone Golem and Sapphire Medallion.
Posted By: Duriele (2/21/2010 10:50:27 PM)


Actually, read the rulings of Trinisphere on the bottom of its page.
Posted By: Qazior (8/5/2010 10:59:46 AM)


Combo with Helm of Awakening for no effect.
Posted By: C5r1a5z0y (2/11/2011 9:21:56 PM)


FreakyM: I don't think it actually DOES combo with Trinisphere because the Trinisphere sets the cost to 3 AFTER Sphere of Resistance effect is applied.
Posted By: Ganryu (11/24/2009 4:10:47 PM)


Ganryu: yer actually right. Oh well, they still work quite nicely in the same deck.
Posted By: FreakyM (12/1/2009 8:46:55 AM)


and that legendary kithkin guy
Gaddock Teeg?

Does this work as a lockdown?
Posted By: brunsbr103 (5/10/2011 7:48:41 PM)


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