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And that is when you toss down a 24,000,000,000,004/24,000,000,000,004 Predator Dragon.
Posted By: CrazyLou (11/13/2010 11:29:06 AM)


Card is amazing with Mind Games, Capsize, and Evangelize, or any of the other more powerful buyback cards.
Posted By: coyotemoon722 (3/27/2011 9:40:03 PM)


Whispers of the Muse becomes just stupid if you get two of these out. Like an Evermind that can be spliced onto thin air.

Also, Clockspinning. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/31/2011 5:05:04 PM)


2 of these + a Sprout swarm and a Doubling Season and you after playing the Sprout Swarm's cost you will be able to tap the 2 saporlings because of double seasoing and play it again for free this combo is never ending the only down side is that all of the saporlings are tapped but still who wounld't want 12 trillion saporlings.
Posted By: Ace8792 (2/17/2010 4:53:32 PM)



Sprout swarm is an instant, WOG isn't much of use there
Posted By: Sidecutte (6/25/2010 1:45:59 AM)


pretty nice, but too old to be used in constructed/eternal.
Posted By: Aun (5/24/2010 2:11:06 PM)


Sprout swarm anyone? This card is nuts in combo.
Posted By: Ombrenuit (7/11/2009 7:33:21 PM)


@CrazyLou: that's an awesomely arbitrary number....

Edit: Nevermind... not so arbitrary... that was 24 trillion... +4 for the dragon's original p/t

I personally like getting two of these to be able to machine gun Clockspinning.
That or Searing Touch since it basically gives you Koth's emblem.
and fianlly... the scariest thought:
one of these with Whim of Volrath allows you to essentially control your opponent's mana base, or make them produce oddly colored tokens... e.g. turquoise saprolings.
Posted By: Snafinturtle (11/17/2010 8:58:12 PM)


Perhaps this isn't the best page to be having this conversation, but I just can't resist.

Why are you people obsessed with devour? Why do you feel the need to consolidate your billions of points of power into a single creature? You're actually making a worse play by doing so. Easier to block, easier to kill, steal, lock, etc. Sure, devour 2+ nets you a larger total P/T, but that doesn't even matter when you're dealing with infinite combos.

I'm just saying, there's more targeted removal in the game than there is mass removal. And much more instant-speed targeted removal. The only one of these suggestions that had any amount of merit was Predator Dragon, and only because it has haste. And frankly, there are better options in that department too.

As for Memory Crystal, I like it! It's interesting to me that they even printed this at all. There are only 30 cards in the entire game that it even interacts with (not counting ... (see all)
Posted By: The_Murderauder (7/8/2013 8:38:18 AM)


And then I play Wrath of God.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (5/25/2010 4:25:44 PM)