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It's very good card still. For one mana you disable one attacker. It doesn't matter if they get the four mana. If they use it for this then they cannot use it for nothing else.

But why was the during upkeep changed to at the beginning of the upkeep? All versions talk about during.
Posted By: tavaritz (7/1/2011 3:32:55 AM)


Not bad for its time. Back then, Black couldn't do anything about black or artifact creatures (since Terror couldn't touch them) except Weaken them or use Drain Life with a lot of Black mana. This card for 1 black shuts down any speedy creature and even annoys larger ones later in the game. Not a powerhouse card, but still decent.
Posted By: Radagast (12/17/2010 7:59:09 PM)


Well I'm not paralyzed but I seem to be tapped by you
I wanna make you lose because you're playing mill
If your sideboard matches what your deck can do
You'll probably mill right through me on my way to you

Posted By: Ideatog (5/24/2011 10:03:32 PM)


This was just an excuse to shoot something at the center of a centaur.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (12/16/2011 10:21:47 PM)


They changed it to "at the beginning of the upkeep" to kill some combos. When it was just "during upkeep", you could cast Paralyze on one of your own creatures with a good tap ability, then just use it repeatedly as many times as you had mana for (potentially infinitely, if the creature could tap for 4 or more mana, or if you had some other infinite-mana combo to pour into it).
Posted By: sonorhC (1/24/2012 10:42:04 PM)


For just Black, this is actually pretty playable. Especially considering that they're unlikely to spend 4 mana to untap a creature that got hit with this early game anyway. And even if they do, that's 4 mana of theirs that didn't get used on playing something more relevant.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (9/30/2012 6:47:08 PM)


Another rare instance where the oracle text is longer than the written text.
3/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (2/9/2013 11:18:13 AM)