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Many have tried to imitate it, but it is and will remain now and forever more the best card draw spell (if not the best spell!) in Magic.
Posted By: Ipsilont (2/11/2012 6:56:49 PM)


From MaRo's column: "it’s important to note that Richard designed Alpha making a few assumptions that turned out to be way off base. The biggest one was the assumption that players would buy the equivalent of five starter decks and would only trade within their own small play group. In that scenario, cards like Ancestral Recall or the Moxes are nowhere nearly as degenerate."
Posted By: Morgaledh (9/1/2012 7:09:14 PM)


A funny, somewhat awe-inspiring event unfolded in front of me a couple months ago. True story;

Recently I was at my LGS, talking to a guy who I haven't seen their before. He was probably around 25 or so, and was discussing with me how he hadn't played MTG in a very long time, seeing as he used to play with his older brother when they were youngsters. He told me how he was walking by the store, saw MTG being advertised and figured he would walk in, see how the game is currently, browse for a second, ect. He told me how he was confused by planeswalkers, sort of thought it seemed like they were taking the place of legendary creatures, and how different the cards look from when he played, ect. Stuff you'd expect from a guy who quit around Legends or so.

Eventually, while he was looking at the display case, he saw a signed version of this card. His eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped when he saw the price written on the sleeve. It was going for $700. He then said to me "Wow, why i... (see all)
Posted By: BongRipper420 (12/8/2013 3:58:21 PM)


The debate will rage on forever about whether this or Black Lotus is the best card in Magic, but I do have this to say:

Lotus Bloom is BL with suspend 3, and it's legal in Modern.
Ancestral Vision is AR with suspend 4, and it's banned in Modern.
Posted By: MostlyLost (8/17/2013 8:51:36 AM)


You can just picture this going through someone's head:

"What, just draw three cards for one mana? That's not that big a deal."
"What, just get one extra turn for two mana? That's not that big a deal."
"What, just a zero-cost sac that gives you three of any mana? That's not that big a deal."
"What, a land that produces two types of mana? That's not that big a deal."
"What, search your deck for any card for two mana? That's not that big a deal."
Posted By: Hepatizon (9/9/2013 5:35:34 PM)


"Take that! I force you to draw three cards! You must be mad now....'
Posted By: ninjaman98 (4/23/2011 4:46:45 AM)


You're forcing me to draw three cards? Well I'm going to have to respond to that with Force of Will.
Posted By: rctoons (4/27/2011 12:26:23 PM)


When is Dark Ritual an Ancestral Recall? Stroke of Genius.
When is Lightning Bolt an Ancestral Recall? Swans of Bryn Argoll.
When is Giant Growth an Ancestral Recall? Garruk, Primal Hunter.
When is Healing Salve an Ancestral Recall? Yawgmoth's Bargain.
When is Ancestral Recall an Ancestral Recall? Every time.

Posted By: Chamale (8/23/2011 12:21:15 AM)


"you know....we could also make it an instant if it isn't good enough"
Posted By: grensley (3/7/2011 4:34:10 PM)


I like all the new players who want to "combo it" with Consecrated Sphinx.

Here's a better one guys...Ancestral Recall + Island.
Posted By: EGarrett01 (1/9/2013 6:49:18 AM)


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