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You don't really need the Grinding Station, considering that the most obvious artifact to start the combo would be Lotus Petal, which has a built in sacrifice ability.
Posted By: achilleselbow (4/12/2010 10:12:07 AM)


Well, the most obvious loop with this card is the combo with the other three stations - possibly the only obviously intentional infinity combo Wizards every created:
Combine Grinding Station, Summoning Station, Salvaging Station and this one.
Sacrifice an artifact and watch prepare for an almost certain victory. Getting this combo out is somewhat utopistic, though.
(By the way, put the four cards next to each other and you'll notice they are one artwork which has been split up: http://www.wizards.com/global/images/mtgcom_daily_af16_picMain_en.jpg)

Another thing, what the hell is a "Pincher"? Why did this not change with the Grand Creature Type Update?
Being produced from a machine on a production line pretty much makes this a Construct, doesn't it?
I'd be more content with a wording like this:
"Tap: Put a 2/2 colorless Construct creature token named Pincher onto the battlefield."
Posted By: Mode (8/9/2009 12:48:44 PM)


I'd really like it if the Pincher tokens were artifacts. Of course, that's probably open to a lot of abuse.
Posted By: Kirbster (4/3/2011 4:54:57 PM)


All the Stations are awsome, they all have limitless uses and thus encourage creativity in players. I hope Wizards prints more and more of these open-ended combo Cogs. A card that is good and balanced i give a 3-4/5. Any card that shows such inventiveness, gets a 5/5 from me.
Posted By: YotianSoldier (8/19/2009 9:19:37 PM)


@Arachibutyrophobia: I think you've got it a touch wrong: the summoning station doesn't make artifact creatures. So sacrificing them to a nantuko husk won't untap the station. Unless, of course, you included a Mycosynth Lattice...
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (8/7/2009 11:00:50 AM)



Actually, Tokens Do hit the graveyard. See http://wiki.mtgsalvation.com/article/Token for ruling.
Posted By: Yozuk (2/10/2011 9:47:50 PM)


oh wow, wile it would have been much better if it made artifact creatures, it would have been obviously broken. but even as it is, while it may cost 7 on the first drop, it is a free creature token generator, with no draw back. plus, its extremely powerful if you can combo-break it.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (10/3/2010 1:50:23 PM)


@Axer - Tokens DO go to the graveyard. When a token is put into the graveyard it is simply removed from the game as a triggered event. When dealing with creatures and the graveyard the game follows the following logic: "A creature is being put into the graveyard; trigger all 'put into graveyard effects;' if it is a token, remove it from the game"
Posted By: JRKarnes88 (8/9/2010 11:25:07 PM)


This + Ashnod's Altar = Let's party, Eldrazis!!
Posted By: getz19 (5/9/2010 10:38:39 AM)


Mycosynth lattice FTW, along with any sac engine =)
Posted By: channelblaze (9/11/2010 9:37:29 PM)


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