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I agree with the previous comments, and you also don't have to sacrifice it once no counters are left which is a further little advantage.

Yet this card would be so amazing if it had the casting cost {{X}}...not necessarily broken, but very powerful, though.
Posted By: Mode (8/4/2009 4:24:05 PM)


Gilder Bairn and utopia vow (or something like it) with this card makes for the opportunity to make infinite mana. Play it with two counters on it, double it once to four, and again to eight with lands or other mana sources. After that you can start using its own counters to pay the (2) to untap gilder Bairn. Not the most playable combo, but fun for sure.
Posted By: shady-tradesman (11/1/2009 10:33:21 PM)


Doubling season works on this. If you need extra mana at that point.
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (5/22/2010 2:37:58 AM)


I like the idea of this with coretapper, as it essentially becomes another copy of Pentad Prism, 2 to play, sac when it hits the field to put 2 more counters on it, making coretapper, essentially free, or wait a turn so you can tap it, then sacrifice it so you get 3 counters, I can see amazing storm potential with that.
Posted By: Ava_Adore (3/23/2011 8:15:58 AM)


Personally I think that this is the fairest Black Lotus ever printed. Costs mana, makes you wait a turn.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/11/2011 2:22:28 PM)


This is an essential card in my 5-color Sliver EDH deck. Being able to bring out a Sliver Overlord on Turn 3 is very strong - especially if you already have a Crystalline Sliver out
Posted By: VampireCat (6/1/2011 5:45:04 AM)


Pretty busted with cheap proliferates like Inexorable Tide and Thrummingbird.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (6/29/2011 9:59:47 AM)


contagion engine, contagion clasp, any of the charge counter adding things they have now.
Posted By: Palutena (7/29/2011 11:14:29 AM)


So, if I have this right, casting this while using the alternate cost that Fist of Suns gives you will give this 5 charge counters, right?
Posted By: MithosFall (4/4/2012 2:19:13 PM)


An interesting design for mana acceleration, I find it interesting that it stays around after the last counter is removed, allowing for some shenanigans related to Power Conduit and remains to boost affinity and your artifact count...or just sac it to your Arcbound Ravager.
Posted By: Guest57443454 (5/26/2010 8:37:08 PM)


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