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Ok, irixio, I think you're mostly right until the last part, but you're being a little careless with your wording and possibly confusing people.
1. You can never tap lands "for no reason". You can only tap them to use their ability, which in most cases produces mana. Granted, this difference isn't as important with the removal of mana burn, but the point still stands - if you tap a land, you're doing it to add the mana to your mana pool.
2. You can tap lands and add mana to your mana pool whenever you have priority, and it doesn't have to be to pay the cost of a spell or ability. That's what 'floating mana' is.
3. Mana abilities don't use the stack and thus cannot be responded to or interrupted. Their effect happens immediately.
4. The result for the purposes of this card, and any other cards that tap lands is this: if you cast something like Early Frost during your opponent's main phase, he can tap the lands to produce mana in response, and then subsequently use the mana to cast whate... (see all)
Posted By: achilleselbow (5/11/2010 5:58:49 PM)


Pooling Venom, Contaminated Ground, Psychic Venom... Ouuh, that hurts!
Posted By: Ameisenmeister (5/16/2010 12:32:26 PM)



Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/8/2010 12:52:05 AM)


im surprised that this is rated so low...i wish blue had more of cards like these; tapping multiple things at a time for a low cost
Posted By: Guntz1092 (7/18/2010 10:31:59 AM)


Thank you for the correction achilleselbow. I recently spoke with a judge on this (before I viewed this page again) and he confirmed what you reiterated. :)
Posted By: Irixio (9/4/2010 9:33:25 PM)


Reminds me of Mana Leak...
Posted By: Lunarblade (11/10/2010 3:22:39 PM)


@Shabroky: Neither. Activated abilities that add mana to your mana pool (such as those included on almost every land, as well as cards like Llanowar Elves) are quite aptly called "mana abilities" and don't use the stack. As such, they can't be responded to. Similarly, paying the cost for any spell or ability (such as sacrificing a creature, paying life, tapping a permanent, or, most commonly, using mana that was just added to your mana pool) can never be responded to.

So, your opponent could not have legally attempted to deprive you of mana by casting Early Frost. You've already tapped the lands, gotten the mana, and paid the cost of the spell before he has the chance to do anything. He could still target the lands you used to get the mana to cast the spell, but they would already be tapped, and Early Frost would essentially do nothing.

@nammertime (and Shabroky): you don't "tap" mana. You add mana to your mana pool by "t... (see all)
Posted By: The_Murderauder (7/3/2013 9:51:55 AM)


why wasn't this reprinted in Cold Snap?

anyways, awesome tempo card. Kinda like a preemptive mana leak.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/24/2009 11:30:15 AM)


Does anyone have any idea how this flavor represents darksteel, let alone mirrodin? seems more like a card from coldsnap or ice age to me.
Posted By: jsttu (5/31/2011 6:44:15 PM)


Here's the predicament I have: I cast a spell and my friend casts Early Frost to tap my mana, technically before I can cast the spell. Does the spell just go back to my hand since I technically can't legally play it, or is my spell countered?
Posted By: Shabroky (12/31/2009 2:07:35 PM)