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Siren's Call


Posted By: Mindbend (6/3/2010 3:57:15 PM)


Wow. This card would be just NASTY with an Alluring Siren. Force a small frail creature to attack before an opponent might make a much larger beast come at ya'!
Posted By: Jedijoe (4/12/2010 6:18:49 PM)


Nacatl War-Pride may attack alone, but it brings friends, and with this card, those friends aren't getting blocked.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (1/11/2011 6:24:54 PM)


Hmmm... I just acquired one of these. I tihnk It would be ideal for decks using combo/alternate win conditions such as Darksteel Reactor+Dismantle. Giving you valuable time to build up those counters.

In fact, I'll replace the Crawlspace's I use to do this very job! I don't care about attacking in these decks anyway!
Posted By: Malnourished_Student (2/16/2010 6:37:43 AM)


This card is so great its amazing, can be a centerpiece in a control deck. Totally throws aggro builds out of the window.
Posted By: Lege (10/27/2009 10:03:48 AM)


I'm trying him out with Swans of Bryn Argoll in a mill-ish deck. Looks like it may be a fun combo.
Posted By: Catmurderer (1/1/2010 11:27:07 PM)


Rafiq of the Many! I choose you!
Posted By: Mekh (7/14/2010 12:15:10 PM)


I like this guy, its a Dueling Grounds with legs, and with 5 toughness that's a nice pair of legs. I still prefer Dueling Grounds in an exalted deck, but this guy is just as good.
Posted By: niallcmurray86 (8/9/2010 9:28:32 PM)


Exalted deck plus Dolmen Gate plus this = pure win
Posted By: Revan312 (1/7/2011 1:37:02 AM)


I like the synergy with Shimmer Myr. Swing with your whole board, then flash in the Arbiter. Bounce the Arbiter after your opponent's combat phase to do it again next turn.
Posted By: Bowshewicz (7/24/2011 4:55:57 AM)