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-1/-1 is a cool idea, but it really wasn't necessary on this creature.
0/0, 1/1 or even 2/2 for that guy would have been still far away from being broken.
Even in a triple-colored deck the Parasite could become no larger than 2/2 and you could activate the ability once only and thereby even kill him.
That's certainly not worth a five-mana investment, i'd rather play a simple Medicine Runner, Vampire Hexmage or Clockspinning instead.

@Zulp: I don't think so. For five mana you are offered a broad selection of burn spells which will easily remove more than one or two tiny loyality counters, and the aforementioned Vampire Hexmage does a better job if you're going the direct way of loyality removal, too.

@Draugnor: Once your opponent made a big guy out of this creature, he could have made an even bigger threat out of another one. (By the way, i doubt it was 18/18 when considering that Cranial Plating only gives +1/+0 and does... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (11/22/2009 9:47:11 AM)


I wish I could rate this -1/5.
Posted By: Aidan_McDermott (2/11/2011 9:59:37 PM)


What the hell is wrong with this card ?!
Posted By: True_Smog (12/15/2009 4:53:40 AM)


The hell?!
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (1/6/2010 3:52:16 PM)


I think it would've worked if the card instead was designed as:
Spinal Parasite {4}

Sunburst, Sunburst
Remove two +1/+1 counters from Spinal Parasite: Remove a counter from target permanent.

That way it enter the battlefield as a 7/7 for {WUBR}/{WUBG}/{WBRG}/{WURG}/{URBG} at best.. i understand that's well above the curve, but Fusion Elemental is an 8/8 for {WUBRG}, and is less susceptible to removal because he retains his colours and isn't subject to cards like Naturalize. I know that this is probably too powerful, but as is Spinal Parasite is mediocre at best, sadly this is the often the case with most of the sunburst cards.
Posted By: tcollins (1/27/2011 12:31:18 AM)


Velacteis: True, (5) for a 4/4 artifact creature is good. But in that case, this creature doesn't cost (5), it costs WUBRG. Far better creatures exist for that cost, such as Fusion Elemental, and 8/8 for WUBRG with no abilities. If you want an artifact creature, Reaper King is a 6/6. This card is just useless in almost any context, unless you really need to remove some quest counters.
Posted By: Chamale (2/18/2010 12:12:39 AM)


Aw, I was a bit excited to see the unusual -1/-1 base, but I do agree it is otherwise quite a shame. I have a powerful counter-manipulating artifact deck, but this guy would not be the candidate for most of my effects.

It's greatest use would be if I were using my counter-manipulating deck, and my opponent started taking control of some of my power cards, then he could start destroying me with this card. But that scenario makes little sense. All "real" good qualities of this card are covered by other things in the kind of deck it would go in.

I can perpetuate Persist a lot better with other cards than can this guy, as well as robbing my opponent of his counters.
Posted By: Tera_GX (9/4/2010 9:17:30 PM)


Great concept, a parasite is nothing without a host; however, maybe it would be cool if it were an equipment where the creature gets +1/+1 for each counter, and can remove two to remove another counter
Posted By: Superllama12 (2/11/2011 9:25:37 PM)


I wonder if this card was foreshadowing for scars of mirrodin, as the phyrexians used parasitic spines, called mimetic spines, to control and discipline it's troops, such as Greven Il-Vec.
Posted By: jsttu (1/16/2011 11:01:43 PM)


Andrew Ryan was right. The parasite is worthless.
Posted By: blindthrall (1/22/2011 1:50:39 PM)


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