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so can you use mother of runes to give a creature protection from pink?
Posted By: supershawn (3/19/2010 7:01:04 PM)


Bloom Tender and Meteor Crater can both create pink mana when you have the token down.

Can't think of any other cards that also can right now.
Posted By: Gaffy00 (1/2/2011 6:57:30 PM)


@dante the bears arent artifacts :P
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/27/2010 2:50:01 AM)


Run in a storm deck for some lulls
Posted By: Ideatog (1/28/2011 6:52:25 AM)


@rioks: So you cast 15 spells? By my count, that would be 2 goblins per spell, making a total of 30. Either that or you counted storm copies as spells that were cast. They're not - they go directly onto the stack without being cast.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (2/26/2011 5:10:26 PM)


"It was big. Scary! AND PINK!"
Posted By: Axelle (8/10/2011 7:54:50 PM)


I love this card so much, that I have printed tokens for the Teddies....XD

Posted By: Dante80 (9/4/2009 5:00:15 AM)


omfg Wizards should make this an actual standard/extended legal card
Posted By: Guntz1092 (7/19/2010 12:38:35 AM)


A pink Giant Teddy Bear token. A PINK token. Jeez, this set is messed up.
Posted By: itsmeyouidiot (6/29/2009 2:54:59 PM)


PINK- the color of flowers, rainbows and unicorns it's main power comes from it's ability to trick it's opponents into thinking their getting some thinking while your killing them, example:
To Much Sugar! 3PP
enchantment- aura Rare
enchant opponent
during your upkeep target opponent gains control of a creature you control, they lose 5 life.

it's mana comes in the form of 1 land:
Candy Land
basic land- candy land
T: add P to your mana pool

other examples of pink:
Teddy overlord 7P
legendary creature- teddy bear Mythic
TPP: put a 5/5 pink giant teddy bear token in play.
lose 2 life: target opponent puts a 5/5 pink giant teddy bear token in play, then puts the top 5 cards of there deck in the graveyard. 5/5

EDIT: now for the PINK praedator!!!
Mongo, lord of stuffiness 7PP
Legendary Creature-Praedator
during your upkeep you gain 2 life and gain control of target creature.
during your opponent's upkeep they lose 3 life and put a 1/1 stuffing glob in play 7/8
Posted By: novasun (5/11/2011 11:51:56 PM)


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