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At a CMC of 4 it would be pretty sweet. At 5 an interesting draftable card. At 6 it's campfire fuel.
Posted By: TPmanW (12/12/2010 1:55:04 AM)


Filth indeed.
Posted By: blindthrall (12/14/2009 2:40:31 PM)


In the art, it's vomiting at its own terribleness. It's so bad it's vomiting from every orifice, and growing bonus orifices for extra emphasis.
Posted By: IncrediSteve (2/20/2010 5:43:49 AM)


wow, the mana cost was increased by 2 only for a higher Soulshift number - great... Oo
Posted By: Mode (2/14/2009 3:08:03 AM)


Posted By: Gear61 (2/3/2010 10:31:51 PM)


I will just go with Severed Legion for 3 and skip the whole Soulshift. Wouldn't have been quite as insultingly bad at a 4 CMC
Posted By: pumaman83 (5/25/2009 6:49:24 PM)


WHAT ?! a 6 mana Severed Legion ?! give me a break...
Posted By: True_Smog (12/15/2009 4:30:46 AM)


6 mana to return a creature from the grave, with a quick 2/2 with Fear in the mean time? Hmmmmmmmm...NOPE. NOT WORTH IT! Guess you can just sit in the grave and rot, CmC >= 5 mana card. I do not love you enough to even touch that awful card.
Posted By: Dolorosa (1/12/2012 9:20:49 AM)


The cmc had to have been a last minute change. Someone must have called after playtesting and complained that crawling filth was too strong at 5 cmc, being able to return itself to hand.

But this combo is nothing new, even back then. Gravedigger is a much older card and can do the above as well, for 2 less mana.

I guess R&D got chewed out really bad after mirrodin, so they toned everything down to much.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (10/20/2012 9:36:17 AM)


Soulshift would be semi-useful if there were more spirits to use it on.
Posted By: SoulShatterer (6/29/2010 12:41:37 PM)


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