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also, the point is it's just like an island but with the option of another ability. You can also use it to filter into another blue mana: you can tap it for Blue, bounce it with mana from another land, then use your land drop to put it into play untapped and produce another Blue.
Posted By: metalevolence (10/30/2009 2:22:27 AM)


It has some uses.

First you can bounce it back to your hand on the stack if someone targets it with a destroy spell/ability.
Second you can bounce it back to your hand if you're about to wipe the board of everything, land included.

One of the basic combos is if you cast Armageddon, you bounce this back to your hand, and you have Darksteel Citadels, Darksteel Ingots, and Flagstones of Trokair already in play.

Another one is the infamous Enchanted Evening/Patrician's Scorn combo. If you have the spare mana, might as well bounce Oboro back anyway and replay it after.

Third you can replay it each turn if you have no other land to play, this is to trigger "land entering the battlefield" abilities on cards such as Lifegift, and Vinelasher Kudzu.

Fourth you can bounce it back to your hand to combo with Seismic Assault, and Crucible of Worlds.

I hope that adds a bit of insight into this underestimated land. E:3
Posted By: Evil_Tactics (8/7/2009 8:02:25 PM)


hedron crab nuff said
Posted By: capitalR (1/13/2010 10:36:50 PM)


Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control...
Posted By: Horsemanship (6/25/2010 1:52:05 PM)


This is good. Its only drawback is the Legendary status, and it produces the best kind of mana. The usefulness of the second ability is mainly determined by how good land destruction is in the format, especially mass land destruction.
Posted By: Rainyday2012 (8/26/2009 7:20:04 PM)


nice card to play with landfall
Posted By: mdakw576 (2/13/2010 2:26:15 AM)


WOWZERS. In a landfall deck with Oracle of Mul Daya and any other card that lets you drop extra lands (Explore, Fastbond, and the like) this would be CRAZY.

Possible turn 1 win with this, Hedron Crab, Elvish Spirit Guide to cast Fastbond, and a lotus petal / spirit guide to return this the first time. Then play, tap, bounce, repeat! Munch through their deck!
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (10/17/2010 10:43:56 PM)


This card also fits into the Wisdom theme of Saviors. A lot of cards in Saviors of Kamigawa relied on how many cards you had in your hand and being able to increase that number by 1 whenever you need to would be useful at times. I mean it's basically a Legendary Island with an ability that COULD be useful at times. Not really much more you can expect from an Island I guess...
Posted By: Volcre (8/15/2009 4:41:49 PM)


I'll probably have this land once in a deck just out of lack of imagination. It's better than Island and if nothing else, it can serve to repaint other colred mana to blue, if you don't have any other lands in hand to play. I won't use it often, probably, but it can come in handy sometimes.
And the picture is nice, too.
Posted By: skew (8/24/2009 4:31:52 PM)


Even if you have no use for the ability, it's technically better than an island, so play it.
Posted By: ZombieSnail (7/20/2010 5:42:16 AM)


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