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Snake Shaman Scout?

Added alliterative appeal?
Posted By: Axelle (4/27/2011 8:51:50 PM)


Wait wait wait...a Walking Atlas for half the mana? Count me in! It's like a Llanowar Elves, except better in the early game when you have more lands in your hand
Posted By: Superllama12 (5/31/2011 3:11:07 PM)


Need a land here!
Posted By: Studoku (6/3/2012 12:39:33 PM)


And now for something completely different.

Alliteration is poetry based on sound, not written letters (like most poetry). It puts words with the same initial consonant sound in stressed syllables together in lines. So this means:

-"Snake Shaman" is not alliteration. S and Sh are different consonant sounds.
-"Old English Art" is alliteration. The consonant sound is the void sound, no consonant.
-"Added Alliterative Appeal" is NOT alliteration. the initial syllables of "alliterative" and "appeal" are unstressed! The stress pattern is "Added Alliterative Appeal", which gives those words a strong "L" and "P" sound. It looks like alliteration, but it doesn't sound like it.

A Snake Shaman Scout of the Sakura-Tribe searched the forests, seeing every leaf and stem,
Allowing her to bond with land at lightning speed, losing no tempo against the kami's looming force.

Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (3/18/2014 12:28:35 PM)


She is the best among a group of creatures which try to do similar land acceleration. Skyshroud Ranger is only usable during your turn, Krosan Wayfarer has to sacrifice himself and Elvish Pioneer is a one-shot when he enters play.
Possible application areas: Limited Resources, Mana Breach and/or Overburden, Moonfolk-Deck (Meloku the Clouded Mirror)
Posted By: holgir (9/15/2009 2:16:36 AM)


looks like a nice card to combo early game with Yavimaya Elder. It's a very different type of mana accel than simple land fetching, and so rigged with landfall. It's also a creature that's on the borderline for players when considering whether or not to spend their removal on it, which can be very useful, either way they end up deciding. Not great loss if they kill it, but a great gain if they leave it.
Posted By: Ritius (11/18/2009 10:25:56 PM)


@syra: She's a one-drop, and has much more useful creature types, especially in Kamigawa.
Posted By: boneclub (6/20/2010 11:09:31 AM)


I find this card gets overlooked to often in favor of sakura tribe elder. This card has so many useful applications, for example I play uyo in my deck, if I fork a spell once a turn I can still use this card to return a second land to the field next turn. Another nice trick is any of the dual mana producing lands such as izzet boilerworks that requires a bounce of another land to play it, you can now bounce the land and put it right back into play. In an optimal game you draw this card on turn 1 and play an extra land every turn, even if it gets killed on turn 3 your nicely ahead of the game in terms of mana. Later on if you have it in your hand or on the battlefield and no lands left to play, you can still have sachi grant her tap for 2 mana ability available to shamans. With this scout you can potentially have up to 5 mana on turn 2 with, turn 1: play forest, play sakura scout. Turn 2: play your second land, have scout play another land from your hand, tap 1 land, enchant secon... (see all)
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (9/26/2009 8:07:50 PM)


Great for Landfall on your opponent's turn
Posted By: pushbuttonmagic (6/19/2010 3:50:37 PM)


For one mana this card really can become a game changer early on.
Posted By: Silverware (8/27/2009 6:20:42 PM)


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