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Doran, the Siege Tower. Does anything else need to be said?
Posted By: Hylebos (9/30/2011 9:19:27 PM)


If you're playing a defensive deck he's a big help. Test of Faith with him, or any defensive kitsune, is a good combo.
Posted By: djpraiseadelik (2/4/2010 8:43:17 AM)


Great combo with Spellbook or any other artifact of its kind. Even without one, in a pinch he may be able to stall a big beefy trampler many times his cost for more than one turn. Fairly solid, if you ask me.
Posted By: Arachnos (9/12/2011 11:00:19 AM)


Good with a lot of card draw - Niveous whisps, Sunbeam spellbomb, Emessi tome, lashknife barrier etc, and of course a spellbook
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (11/28/2011 1:51:47 PM)


I feel like his whole "past gives strength" thing would be way more flavorfull if he gained +0/+x where x is the number of cards in your graveyard, your hand is the future not the past.
Posted By: winnablecrane (7/9/2013 5:40:00 PM)


If you can generate infinite mana with Worthy Cause in hand or Miren, the Moaning Well(from the same set, even!) in play, he can give you infinite life. Even without going infinite, he can gain a bunch of life. Turn two play him out, turn three pump him before playing a land and then sac him to gain 8 life. That's gonna be a pretty big speedbump for any aggro deck.
Posted By: Kelptic183 (9/2/2013 2:50:02 PM)


Counterpart to Sokenzan Spellblade, but not as good.
Posted By: avimkv (11/15/2013 5:44:39 PM)


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